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Weatherman warns of an extended dry spell across the country.

A photo of a dry Chania River falls near Blue Post Hotel Thika taken in early February this year.
The meteorological department has warned Kenyans to brace themselves for an extended dry weather period as the effects of delayed March-April-May rains continue to bite.

The weatherman says that most parts of the country will experience dry and sunny conditions save a few areas which are expected to receive rains, but with reduced intensity.

“Rainfall is expected over a few parts of the country during the first half of the forecast period. The second half is expected to be mainly sunny and dry,” the report by the Meteorological Department says.
In the next one week, Central highlands, including Nairobi area are likely to experience mainly sunny intervals in the morning.

Afternoon and night showers are expected over few places between Tuesday and Friday.
The rest of the afternoons are expected to be sunny and the nights partly cloudy.

Western region is expected to also experience sunny intervals and night rains which could be characterised by thunderstorms.

Northern and eastern regions will experience sunny days and light rain during morning hours.

“The western, central and several parts of northeastern Kenya are likely to experience near-average rainfall. The distribution, both in time and space, is however likely to be poor,” the weatherman said in an overview report for the rainy season.

Temperatures have also been rising over the last one week in most parts where the highest temperature was recorded in Mandera capturing a maximum 39.8 degrees Celsius on April 2.

Marsabit, Kitale and Kabarak areas particularly experienced a rise in temperatures.

Nyahururu recorded the lowest daily minimum temperature of 6.5 degrees Celsius on April 6.

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