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Schools start inducting teachers on the new curriculum.

A section of Pioneer boys and Girls Schools in Murang’a County teachers during the induction programme on the Competence-Based Curriculum.
Following the Ministry of Education move to settle on the new competence-Based Curriculum, schools have started inducting their teachers on the new curriculum.

Pioneer boys and Girls Schools in Murang’a County has taken its 110 teachers through a three-day training, focusing on, among others, the competency based curriculum, interpretation of the curriculum designs, special needs education and integrations of ICT in teaching and learning

Those who learnt about the curriculum in previous seminars taking the mantle of inducting the ones who have not been taken through the new curriculum.

The exercise is being conducted by a group of facilitators who previously underwent the induction of the same programme and are expected this week to prepare these teachers who will eventually play a pivotal role in the implementation of the new curriculum.

Pioneer Boys School Deputy Principal Mr. Daniel Mwaura hailed the new programme as one that will mold all-round-students capable of competing in the modern day job market.

“These teachers will be able to monitor their students’ progress, pay attention to what students miss out and connect them to everyday life. The curriculum also focuses on student’s goal statement, creative writing, their likes and dislikes among many aspects that mold a person,” explained Mwaura.

Pioneer Schools Director Dr. Peter Munga said that the implementation of this curriculum will be overseen and guided by the Ministry of Education and it was expected to change the entire education system geared towards molding the students.

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