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General Kago, Jamuhuri Primary Schools to get secondary schools to cater for Thika students.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina presents a cheque of Ksh. 27,760 to beneficiaries during an bursary awarding ceremony on Friday

General Kago and Jamuhuri Primary Schools may soon get their own secondary schools to cater for students completing primary school education in Thika.

This was revealed by Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina during an bursary awarding ceremony on Friday where a record 7,500 students from needy background benefited from bursaries amounting to Ksh. 27,760.

Wainaina said that the schools, which will be built through a Public-Private Partnership model, will each accommodate 1,000 students once completed.

“We have come to this conclusion after realizing that most of our students never get a chance to be admitted at the major national and extra-county schools within Thika. The two schools will supplement students intake by Thika Girls High School Karibaribi which caters for our girls in Thika,” said the MP.

According to the legislator, General Kago High School will admit girls while Jamuhuri High School will be for boys. He added that plans were underway to put up another boys high school in Thika East Sub-County to increase the number of students admitted in secondary schools in Thika to a total of about 4,000 every year.

“We are also going to put up a TVET institution in Kiganjo and Muguga areas so as to cater for the youth especially in the acquisition of the much coveted technical skills,” he added.

During the occasion, 176 day secondary schools in the area received sh. 7.6 million worth bursaries with sh. 920,000 going to 87 national schools across the country and sh. 13.2 million disbursed to extra-county schools.

34 special schools, 108 middle level colleges and 55 universities across Kenya received a total of sh. 312,000, sh. 2.8 million and sh. 2.6 million respectively.

The legislator appealed to Kenyans to support the government’s efforts in implementing the new competence-based curriculum saying it was the only way to guarantee our children the skills they needed to compete in the modern job market.

“Let’s not bring politics into the future of our nation. This new system identifies a learners strengths early enough in their schooling and it will be from that point that their expertise will be nurtured. This is what developed countries do and this is what will help Kenya move out of the league of struggling developing nations,” he said.

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