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18 years down, defunct Thika Municipal employees’ still waiting to get their sh. 800m pension.

57 retirees from the defunct Thika municipal Council are crying foul in the manner in which respective county governments have ignored their plight despite court orders demanding them to pay their 18 years’ pension amounting to about KES. 800 million.

While speaking to the press, the retirees accused both the current and former governors of giving them ‘hell’ and burdening them with the task of making endless trips to the courts in pursuit of their rightful benefits.
“It has been 18 years since we started pursuing for justice and even after the courts ordered the county government to pay our dues, they have been dilly dallying with the issue without any hope for payment,” explained Jane Nyakiago who is under 24-hour medication.
Nyakiago says she spends about sh. 70,000 monthly on medication and she has already drained all her resources on medication.
They accuse Governor Ferdinand Waititu of going back on his promise to pay them even after he convinced them for an out of court settlement last year, which up to now, he has never honoured.
“Last year, Governor Waititu persuaded us to settle this matter out of court promising us that he will pay our due. But apart from the 31 who were readmitted back to employment at the county government, the rest of us have been left languishing in pain and suffering as none has received their dues,” said Joseph Mundia.
He added that the 36 of them received their retirement letters due to their age plus the families of 21 others who are now deceased are still waiting for their due amounting to KES. 773 million.
“Instead of paying us he has spent more than sh. 800 million to pay drunkards in the ‘Kaa Sober’programme most of whom are still dying of alcoholism. Where did he get the money to pay them and not us who are pursing what is rightfully ours?” asked Francis Muriithi.

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