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Ministry proposing amendments to allow government fix matatu fares.

The Transport ministry has drafted amendments to the Traffic Act and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Act seeking to control fares charged by PSVs across the country.

While doing his presentation to the National Assembly's Transport and Housing committee on Tuesday, CS James Macharia said that these proposals are aimed at cushioning the public against being overcharged.

They are seeking to amend Section 119 (1) of the Traffic Act by introducing a new sub-section that will allow the Cabinet Secretary to prescribe the regulation of PSV fare tariffs.

Once effected, the CS will have legal authority to determine the formulae for establishing the tariff, review mechanism of the tariff and penalty for non-compliance.

The ministry further wants amendment of section 4(2) of the NTSA by introducing a new sub-section that will allow for establishment of PSV fare tariffs.

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