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Church Faithful split into two factions over leadership wrangles.

Pastor Joseph Gichuru of  Full Gospel Churches of Kenya in Kiganjo Estate Thika leading a church service from a tent on Sunday following a fallout of the church due to his disputed transfer.

Faithfuls of the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya in Kiganjo Estate Thika have split into two factions following a dispute in the leadership of the church.

This comes after some of its congregation disputed the transfer of their pastor, forcing one group to worship inside a hired.

The Sunday  service was paralysed in the main church as worshipers boycotted the venue, virtually deserting it as one security guard stayed vigil at the gate just in case anyone attempted to cause damage to the property.

The second group worshiped under the scorching sun all in solidarity with the ousted pastor.

The bone of contention is a letter dated 10th December 2018 by the Parish Reverend John Chege purporting to have transferred Pastor Joseph Gichuru from the church after serving for 11-years.

The congregation alleged that the church has seen tremendous growth, both in infrastructure and spiritually, under Gichuru’s leadership and saw no reason why he should be taken away from them.

While addressing the press, the worshipers described Chege as an old dictatorial leader whose action did not go in tandem with the general  principles of their church.

Led by Lucy Wanjiku, a woman servant at the church, the members accused Chege of misappropriating church funds, handling their pastor with contempt before his own congregation and denying them opportunities to express themselves over the longstanding church squabbles.

They said that apart from invasion of the church by armed police officers last Sunday, the leaders in question denied them access into their church last Sunday despite being the ones who have built the church.

“On Sunday, Reverend Chege and his team interrupted our calm service and took over the microphone. He went away with all the offerings we had made for our pastor including his Christmas gifts. That team has been demeaning our able pastor and we have not taken this kindly,” said Wanjiku.

Edward Wainaina, a 10-year-serving deacon at the church said that the members agreed to peacefully decamp from the church leaving behind all the investments they had made including the church musical instruments all in efforts to seek peace.

Wainaina attributed the church tiffs to mischief from Chege who he accused of orchestrating the rows to gain financially as the church enjoys a large membership.
It is from a whole-week church closure that the members agreed to hire a tent and instruments to seek God from another ground.

“Chege was has been transferring our pastor after an increment in church tithing and membership growth. He is greedy, dishonest and non-inclusive in the LCA church affairs as our church branch is not represented in the council,” said Wainaina. 

Paul Muraya, a youth in the church said that the leaders have set a bad example for the young Christians calling on the higher church authorities to intervene, unmask alleged corruption and offer a solution.

Efforts to seek a comment from the church reverend were futile as he declined to talk to journalists.

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