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Kiambu Government bans Daytime Prostitution.

Speaking to bar owners during a series of public participation meetings held at Thika, Juja, Kiambu and other sub-counties, Kiambu Liquor Licensing Board officials said they were perturbed to see commercial sex workers operating openly on the town streets as early as 9.00 AM. They singled out Thika and Kimbo in Ruiru as leading the pack.
The meetings led by Kiambu County Chief of Staff Gibson Mburu (who represented Governor Ferdinand Waititu) and Geoffrey Kaara who is the director  Kiambu Liquor licensing Board was attended by all MCA’s from the 5 wards in Juja sub-county Murera, Witeithie, Theta, Kalimoni and Juja.
The officials said bar owners opening their bars in the morning are contributing to this menace and warned that those who will be caught will not have their licenses renewed. This comes in the wake of the increasing acts of prostitution in these towns where school children are lured into the trade.
Sophinga wa Bibiana who is the deputy director of Kiambu Liquor Licencing Board cited a case where two primary school girls aged between 15 and 13 were last evening nabbed by police in Thika trying to sell their bodies at Thika near Rwambogo street. The pupils said were from Kigumo in Muranga.
Sophinga also pointed out at a brothel operating at Kimbo in Ruiru just at the gate of NIBS college saying the brothel was specifically put there to lure students of the college. He said it is operated by a young lady who told them that she cannot do any other business.
They said the county government is closing all brothels operating in its towns and warned bar owners who are selling alcohol and at the same time operating brothels.
During the meeting the bar owners agreed to fulfill the conditions contained in the Kiambu Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2018 which they had earlier opposed and called on the county government to speed up the inspection exercise and issue them with licenses. So far, no one has ever been renewed licence.
The Chief of Staff and the Director assured the bar owners that starting from next week, they will be issued with licenses.

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