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2 fake veterinary officers nabbed by police in Gatuanyaga

Thika East DAPC Mumina Yusuf (Right) assists her officers to nab one of the suspects.
Police in Thika East arrested two veterinary quacks who were going round Gatuanyaga village vaccinating cows and goats. They recovered fake identification cards, old thermometer, injectable animal drugs, needles, syringes and 2Kgs of Norlick superlik salt.
The two Esther Wambui Nzioka alias Esther Nzioka Syekoyo (39), and Joel Mwangi Karanja alias Naftali Murage Wahome (29) were nabbed as they tried to vaccinate cows and goats at the home of Kamau Kuru claiming they had been dispatched at the area by the government following a disease outbreak on domestic animals.
Kamau’s daughter is a veterinary officer and when she saw how they were dressed and the things they carried, she became suspicious and gestured to her father who called the police.
The police led by Thika East DAPC Mumina Yusuf responded swiftly and arrested the two who were taken to Ngoliba police station awaiting to be charged with the offence.  Salome Wanjira Ngugi who is a victim of the two said the two vaccinated her 3 goats and parted with Ksh 1,000 before vaccinating her neighbour's goat that eventually died. 
Thika East OCPD Julius Kyumbule interrogating one of the victims.
The suspect Esther Wambui however said the goat she vaccinated was so feeble and was almost dying even before she treated it. She said she was told by the owner that it had been treated by so many Veterinary officers but all in vain. She said she has been doing that job for over 3 years and sometimes she even led her customers. ‘ if I was a bad person I could not have operated for those three years, sometimes doing my services and coming for the money at a later day”. Claimed Wambui.
Salome Wanjira  said they fell into the trap following an earlier announcement in Churches that Veterinary officers would come on last Tuesday at Gatuanyaga cattle dip to treat their animals following an outbreak. But the quacks came a day earlier claiming to have been send from Kabete to start helping the small scale farmers  before the D-Day.
Thika East OCPD Julius Kyumbule cautioned the area residents to take prior precautions as he said they suspected the suspects were spies who rather than treating the cows had another interior motive. He said this was happening when the area was experiencing stock theft at night.

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