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Tempers flare over 'historical injustice' as NLC holds its sitting in Thika

The National Land Commission plenary session at Thika Town Hall.
The National Land Commission and Historical Land Injustice committee held their hearings at Thika to hear complaints on historical injustices meted upon the people of Kiambu and Murang'a counties. 
During the hearings, tempers flared where residents drawn from the two counties expressed concern over historical injustices meted upon them and their ancestors by multi-national companies like Del-Monte Kenya Ltd and others.
Murang'a residents, represented by Kandara MP Muthoni Wahome and Chairman Kandara Investment Philip Kamau, told the commission that Del Monte ought to compensate the victims evicted and maimed when they were taking over the land during the colonial times.
This came out as tens of distressed and people living with disabilities were lined up as a testimony of what transpired in Del Monte formerly Kenya Canners.
However, Dr. Samuel Torore who is the chairman National Land Commission and historical land injustices however said Kiambu County Government had reached to an agreement where Del Monte has offered over 600 acres of land so that the county government can allow the renewal of their leases.
The commissioner however said that Murang'a County Government failed to agree with Del Monte and that they will broker the talks to see a breakthrough. 
The commission promised to investigate the claims of injustices labeled against Del Monte.

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