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Man strangles estranged wife to death in front of kids and then commits suicide.

A middle-aged man man strangled his estranged wife to death and then committed suicide in the full glare of his 9-year old son at Enkasiti Roses Farm Gatanga Constituency Murang'a County.

According to the young boy, their father, 39-year old Thomas Musya Kasia, who previously worked at the farm, had visited them in them at their single-roomed house at the farm's servants quarters on Monday evening.

At around 9pm, a quarrel ensued between the couple prompting Musya to strangle his 26-year old wife to death as the boy and his 4-year old sibling watched in horror.

Musya is said to have then taken some poison before hanging himself with a manila string that had been used to hang the curtain to their bed.

The poor kids spent the entire night inside the house with the two bodies until Tuesday morning when the elder son got out and informed one of their immediate neighbours of what had transpired.

After confirming of their deaths, the neighbour is said to have went to their work station and notified her colleagues who called the police.

The motive of the killing is yet to be established but Gatanga Police are investigating about the matter.

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