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Waititu, DIMKEN face off over the ownership of Thika main stage.

A section of the Thika main bus terminus where the disputed plot stands.
A fierce legal battle pitting Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and prominent Thika businessman Dick Githaiga (DIMKEN) is looming following a standoff over a disputed half-acre piece of land that is situated in the midst of the Thika main bus terminus.
Githaiga, who claims ownership of the piece of land, has vowed to eject traders who have erected stalls in his land. He says that he bought the land from the late Cabinet minister Njenga Karume in 1983. 
He accused the 'illegal occupants' of earned thousands of Kenya shillings in proceeds from renting these stalls as well as proceeds from sales while he languished in poverty.
"I have all the requisite documents including the title deed for this property. I will fight for my land to the bitter end," he told reporters on Saturday.
He accused the area MCA Andrew Kimani and Gov. Waititu of inciting the traders citing a political grudge arising from the 2017 general elections.
On Thursday Governor Waititu told the traders to stay put terming the disputed parcel of land as part of the terminus. He assured them that no one would eject them from the plot.
The MCA warned the businessman of dire consequences if he dared step on the land.
However, Githaiga has maintained that since the traders were illegally occupying his property, they had no option but to move.
Some of the traders who talked to the press claimed to have used that part of the terminus for over 30 years "and had nowhere else to go."

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