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Thika’s 78-year old widower weds after 10 years of ‘loneliness’.

Ayub Mugo (78) and his bride Teresiah Njoki (60) during their wedding ceremony on Sunday, August 19. 
It was all song and dance at St Marks ACK Church in Murang'a County, when 78-year old Ayub Mugo exchanged marriage vows with Teresiah Njoki, 60 on Sunday August 19.

It was quite a spectacle as the two lovebirds walked down the aisle in the presence of jubilant relatives, friends and curious passersby who came to have a witness as they said “I do!

Mugo, who has been living alone for last ten years, was very optimistic of his new marriage and hope that it would bring happiness once again into his life.

The two met in 2017 while the groom was on a private business in Thika town.

“It was love at first sight. She appeared very special to me, a strong feeling of love hit me and I decided to follow her,” he said as he recollected how he met his sweetheart.

“I stopped and asked her out for a cup of tea which she obliged. While at the restaurant, we exchanged contacts and an intimate conversation followed a few days later,” he added.

From then, he kept praying for their reunion and eventually called all his five children and informed them about his new love.

As fate would have it, none of his children objected to their relationship.

On her part, the bride was a bit hesitant but later caved into his advances.

“I have been praying to God all my life to give me a husband despite my advanced age. Now that I have met him, I am so happy. I love him so much,” Njoki expressed her joy after the union.

The couple were however categorical that they had no intentions of bearing any children together and their union was all about companionship.

“Old widowers and widows are at the risk of dying of loneliness and stress and I advise them to marry,” advised Mugo.

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