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Six Form 4 girls who went missing three weeks ago found in Thika.

Three of the girls who were found holed up in a room at Muthaiga area of Kiganjo estate Thika

The six female students from New Nyaga Mixed Secondary School in Kihumbu-ini Location of Murang'a County who went missing about three weeks ago have been found in a rented single-roomed house in a Thika estate.

Three of the girls were traced to an isolated residential plot in Muthaiga area of the vast Kiganjo estate where they are believed to have been living since their disappearance.

This was following a call from an anonymous caller who claimed to have spotted them after their loss was reported in all the media stations on Friday and Saturday.

It was from the information gotten these girls that the rescue team led by area administrator Senior Chief Daniel Waiguru managed to locate the other three who were found seated somewhere in Kiganjo Corner 3 probably in search for a job.

Moments later, their parent arrived and joined in the search.

No one has been arrested so far as the young man who is believed to have hosted the girls was not at home at the time of the rescue mission.

He is said to be a casual labourer, probably well known to the girls as it is suspected that he too, hails from Gatanga Constituency.

The house that is poorly furnished, had a bed, a sofa seat and another mattress place on the floor where some of the girls were believed to be spending their night. Apart from a cup where they stored their toothbrushes, the room had no utensils meaning that they might have been taking their meals from food joints within the estate.

The signboard of New Nyaga Secondary School in Kihumbui-ini Location Murang'a County.
They are believed to be surviving on the money they fled with to Thika since two of the girls were said to have gone with the fees money gotten from their parents.

“We managed to recover sh. 1000 from one of the girls and sh. 200 from another girl. We believe that this is what has remained from the money they came with since two of the girls had fled with fees money given to them by their parents that morning,” explained our source.

Sources close to those who were there at the rescue mission suspect that they may have been sexually assaulted since the room had several unused condoms.  

The girls were later booked at Makongeni Police Station awaiting to be handed over to Kirwara Police Station where the case was first reported.

The six, all Form IV candidates, disappeared on Tuesday, June 12 at 6am after having been sent home from school the previous day because of fees balances.

Four amongst the girls are said to be very close friends.

Sources say that on the fateful day, they woke up as and instead of heading to school, they were ferried to Thika by some bodaboda operators.

One of the parents say that her daughter later called her using a “private number” telling her not worry about her as she had opted to leave school and seek a “better life” in Dandora Nairobi. Immediately after the call, the phone was switched off.

Another of the girls also sent an SMS to her parents informing them of her decision to quit school as “she was tired of the challenges at their home”.

Last year, the girls had hatched a similar plot but it backfired after the mastermind disagreed with their host in Kayole, forcing them to call off the mission.

Yesterday, one of the girls confessed to taking bhang, something that caused fears that they might be abusing drugs too. 

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