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The identity of slain Thika Road driver revealed.

The bullet-ridden Mercedes car belonging to Wilson Mwangi Munene who was slain on Tuesday night along Thika road.
Police have released the identity of the man who was slain Tuesday night along Thika Superhighway.

Using his KRA documents, tax compliance certificate and motor vehicle insurance sticker, the police managed to verify the identity of the victim as Wilson Mwangi Munene, a private investigator.

Munene was murdered in a hail of bullets just a few metres from Vincentian Retreat Centre, Thika’s gate at around 10pm by three hooded men.

He was driving a Mercedes Benz compressor KCE 183Z when his attackers blocked his way and sprayed him with over 50 bullets, killing him on the spot.

Sources indicate that his assailants then sped off towards Nairobi general direction in a black vehicle.

His body was moved to Thika General Kago Funeral Home with the vehicle being towed to Thika police station.

Though officers at Thika Police Station still remain tight-lipped on the matter, our sources told us that they are following all possible leads to identify assailants.

Munene was well-known to police in Kasarani and Nairobi Area DCI headquarters. He lived in Roysambu.

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