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Scores 'miraculously' escape with no injuries in Blue Post multiple car crash.

The horrific scenes at Blue Post after 16 vehicles crashed on Saturday night.

Scores of motorists and commuters in public service vehicles miraculously escaped unhurt, save for a few bruises and cuts, after a multiple car crash near Blue Post Hotel Thika early Saturday night.

The accident that occurred at around 8pm involved sixteen (16) vehicles along the Nyeri-Nairobi Highway immediately after the Del Monte shop, Nairobi bound.

According to eyewitness accounts, the accident was caused by a lorry that lost control and crashed onto several vehicles from behind. Consequently, several other vehicles that were speeding from behind also crashed onto the first lot of vehicles, leading to a long trail of accident vehicles that stretched almost a 100 metres.

Confirming the incident, Thika West OCPD Willy Simba said that all the affected vehicles were heading towards Nairobi general direction.

“The lorry rammed into Toyota Fielder from behind and because there was heavy flow of vehicles, it created a wave whereby several other listed vehicles were involved in the same accident. All the involved vehicles were extensively damaged and were towed to Thika Police Station to await further action,” explained Simba.

Simba added that there were no reported cases of injuries that warranted any of the victims to be taken to hospital but appealed to anyone who felt any cause of alarm to report to his office for further action.

Otherwise, the OCPD cautioned that any vehicle found to have failed to adhere to the recommended 
“safe driving rear distance” during the incident that their drivers will be arraigned in court on Monday 25-06-2018.

The accident caused a massive traffic snarl up that extended all the way to Kenol Town on both sides, about 13km away.

“Crazy jam. Am in lane 6 of 8 near Del Monte. I have been stuck in this jam for about two hours now and we still have not moved an inch. Ile jam iko kutoka high-level towards Thika ni noma sana..... 
Overlapping, kupita wrong side... It’s crazy,” said one of the motorists who were stuck in the jam.

Those who were conversant with the area escaped through the Del Monte farm and joined Thika-Garissa Highway at BAT Makongeni to join Thika or proceed to Nairobi.

This escape also caused some traffic along Garissa Highway, but it eased up within a short time.

Meanwhile, there were reports of another serious accident near Frame Tree Estate Makongeni area along Thika-Garissa highway at around 3am Sunday Morning.

Two people were injured, one of whom was critical and rushed to hospital.

According to one of the guards at the facility, the accident involved one of the tenants of Flame Tree Estate and a saloon car that was heading towards Thika general direction.

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