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Muslims want government to raise corruption threshold to death penalty.

A section of Thika Muslims during the Idd prayers at Thika Stadium on Friday.

Thika Muslim community want the government to raise the graft bar for anyone found guilty of corruption to face the death penalty and all property gained illegally confiscated by the government.

While addressing the press at the Thika Sub-County Stadium on Friday after the Eid Prayers, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Central Region Chairman Imam Al Haji Shaban Gakere Bakari expressed their support on the ongoing fight against corruption but added that there was need for the authorities to get “hard on the culprits” so as to deter others from the vice.

Bakari said that corruption in Kenya was rampant since criminals were let off lightly and the death penalty was the best option.

“If there is no severe punishment, corruption will get out of control. We need to get tough in the fight (against corruption) and to safeguard national interests by ensuring that any money and property embezzled from the public is recovered,” said Bakari.

He suggested amendments to the laws of the country, asking legislators to borrow a leaf from China which introduced death penalty long ago with positive results.

“Our MPs should enact laws to the effect that anyone found guilty of corruption be hanged. We should emulate China who are among our biggest financiers because after enactment of the law, they have been properly spending state resources without wastage unlike in our country,” he said.

He lauded the government for providing enough security during the month of Ramadhan stating that all Muslims felt safe and ended their fast without any reported cases of insecurity.

The Muslims also praised the government for what they termed as a friendly budget which was read by CS in charge of Treasury Henry Rotich on Thursday.

They singled out provision of enough funds to cater for the elderly, introduction of NHIF covers to students and enough funds for electrification of villages across the country.

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