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Victims 4-hour horrifying ordeal in the hands of carjackers, their vehicles vandalised.

The vandalised vehicles of Dr. Harrison Mugo and Abraham Mwaura Ndungu that were dumped near Thika Sports Club and Gatoka Farm respectively.
For Dr. Harrison Mugo, Saturday 5 May 2018 was supposed to be just another normal day but ended up being one of the most terrifying days of his life.

He had just pulled into the gate to his compound in Ruiru at around 11:30pm in his Toyota Vanguard KCC 801H and was just driving into his compound after his son opened the gate when three men emerged from the dark wielding guns.

On realising the danger, his son jumped over the bonnet of their other car and dashed into the house. One of the thugs smashed the window to the driver's seat and ordered Dr. Mugo to step out before bundling him into his car's boot.

They immediately sped off as his wife and son raised alarm to alert their neighbours.

The victim, who is a leading coffee researcher at the Coffee Research Institute in Ruiru was driven around town before the gang forced him to reveal his Bank ATM card info so that they could withdraw his money.

Their attempts to withdraw the cash at KCB Ruiru branch failed and the drove off with him towards the Thika direction.

Just around Kenyatta road in Juja, they found a lone driver and robbed him at gunpoint before proceeding towards Juja.

As they had past Juja Police Station, the accosted another motorist dropping off a passenger and kidnapped the two, this time deciding to take the Toyota Wish KCH 821J with them.

Abraham Mwaura Ndungu, the second victim who is from Kirigiti in Kiambu, and his passenger were shoved and pushed into their car boot and driven off towards Thika.

The cars were driven into a coffee plantation at Gatoka Farm in the outskirts of Thika town where the vandalised the Toyota Wish and dumped it there.

Dr. Mugo and the other two victims were then bundled into one boot and off they drove towards Murang'a direction for quite a while before they branched at the Del Monte shop past Blue Post hotel into the bush next to Thika Sports Club.

Here, they vandalised Dr. Mugo's car and left, leaving the victims sandwiched inside the car boot.

After some time, they managed to get out of the boot and traced their way towards the highway. Upon arriving at the Del Monte shop, they narrated their ordeal to the guards manning the shop who allowed Dr. Mugo to use their phone to call his brother for help.

His brother called Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi who notified the Thika police.

The officers led by the OCPD Willy Simba and his OCS liaised with those from Ruiru and embarked on the 
recovery mission.

The victims, though traumatised, were safe save for Dr. Mugo who had sustained some slight bruises from broken glasses as a result of the original attack at his home.

Our team were unable to talk with the victims as they were said to be recovering from the shock.

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