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Meet M.C Dinda redefining Thika's entertainment industry one gig at a time.

Seasoned M.C. during our interview with her.

Seasoned M.C. Nancy Dinda Mutuku runs Dinda Entertainment an events and entertainment company based in Thika Town.  
Her childhood experiences have moulded her into a passionate and aggressive events entreprenuer, she has gone ahead  to curve  a niche  as Thika’s first ever Female Emcee she hosts several weekly Karaoke night events at various entertainment spots within Thika commanding a huge crowd of music lovers. 
She believes in 3P’s of success that is Passion, Prayer and Planning and goes ahead to advice the youth to work towards pursuing the above attributes instead of complaining that there are no employment opportunities and avoid jumping into certain ventures for fame. She further encourages young girls to avoid being lured into certain vices such as seeking financial help from old men popularly referred to as sponsors.
When she is not busy making ends meet,the bubbly Wife and Mother of one girl likes to unwind with her family and friends while listening to music, watching movies, enjoying a well-cooked plate of beef stew and volunteering towards social impact causes.  

1.Did you grow up in Thika? 

I was born in Machakos but was raised in Thika, it is what I regard as a cocktail of upbringing, due to the nature of my Dad’s job as a Prison Warden our family used to move around a lot. I began school at the famous Thika Prisons Nursery School went to Jamhuri Primary School-Thika, then Ngiriambu Girls High School-Kirinyaga and pursued a Bachelor of Education Degree at Kenyatta University. I have fond memories of growing up in Thika from practicing farming at the farms behind Thika Prisons where Tuskys Chania is currently located, accompanying male peers to adventures such as Hunto (hunting with stray dogs) near Del Monte Farm across the Banks of River Chania, Dufu Mpararo ( swimming in stagnant water) escapades in stagnant water pools and heading to Mkoa aka Kiandutu to buy mutura, and also playing Bano (marbles) with them I was a pro in crackie no payie that just sums how I grew up in Thika. A very humbling experience. 

2. What do you like about Thika Town?

Thika is a small town I find this quite impressive more often than not you will find that you either went to the same school with that person sitted next to you in a Manchester Sacco Matatu or you go to the same church share same friends and so on it’s a blessing because the same people will always come out to support your hustle in one way or another. It’s safe to say we are a hospitable community.

3.How did Dinda Entertainment Ltd come to be? 

After working as an Emcee for a long time I saw the need to register Dinda Entertainment Ltd as a company as an idea to bridge the gap that existed between clients being given a raw deal after investing their money in hiring Emcees and being offered poor quality services. Our major focus is anchored around key pillars of Emceeing  such as: Event Management & Consultancy, Corporate Hosting , Schools & Holiday Programs , Corporate Karaoke.

We have researched and come up with the above products and services that are tailored to suit the client’s needs all across the board regardless of the demographics, what I have realised is that to survive in this industry one has to be versatile, in one week I could be hosting Karaoke gigs, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events and advising a client on the best way to plan for their event.  We have so far worked with renowned brands such as Thika Sports Club, Nampak, Supa Foam Kenya, Carole Kinoti , Bamboo Lounge and we are looking forward to even more.

4.What would like to change about Thika?  

For starters the Landscape needs a complete makeover if you haven’t noticed there those 1940’s buildings within down town they make me feel as though am in one of those Wild Wild West films it’s about time we get them refurbished to suit standards of an Central Kenya’s fastest growing town. Also let potential clients promote local talent, there is so much “importing” of talents from other towns , while we have enough talented people within Thika.

5. As an entertainer how is it working in Thika?  

I can confidently say that the entertainment scene in Thika has shifted gone are the days when clients would seek services such as mine from outside Thika they are slowly beginning to invest in local talents, but a lot needs to be done  in terms of adding some professional touch in what they do. 

6.What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

First stop should be Delmonte (K) to tour the vast pineapple farms and perhaps entice their taste buds with the juicy fruits, then head on to Bamboo Lounge and Thika Sports Club for a night of fun and laughter where Dinda’s Karaoke takes place, because we have an amazing night life and finally interact with Thika people we are known to be the most hospitable lot in Kenya.

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