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SECURITY ALERT! A lady narrates how she was nearly robbed near Naivas last night.

Barely a month has gone since we alerted Thika residents (and especially lady motorists) against not being a bit carefull when operating near Naivas Supermarket, especially facing the Gatumaini Primary School wall.

Today, another lady has inboxed us concerning the same threat, this time, missing being mugged only by inches.

Here is her story......

Omg do you remember the Naivas area saga ? And I commented telling you guys how I was nearly attacked but I drove off so fast ?!!

So today , since it was raining i took an Uber from ruiru to where I was packed in Naivas just at the entrance side ya gatumaini. As I approach the car I notice a guy coming so close to me and my intuition tells me I’m not safe despite it being so early ( 7:30). 

I get in the car , try to wipe off my side mirrors , and as I do that I notice the guy who was close to me standing just beside the car. At that point he’s making endless calls. So I decide not to go towards Gatumaini sides , I felt I should just take the U-turn through the Naivas parking. 

Before doing that I keep looking at the guy and immediately a tuk tuk came and picked him. The guy looks at Me and points me as if warning me . 

I’m shaken kabisa and totally decide not to use the dark route of Gatumaini. As I internalize all that I see two men na makabuti one standing same place the other guy was and the other on the opposite side , I’ve already ignited my Engine and I’m now ready to use the space of the Naivas entrance. 

But I’m still eyeing this two men coz I feel they are just off !!! So I turn and immediately one the man is on my window and the other on the co-drivers , he tries pulls my mirror so so much he tries to ng’oa my side mirror and the other doing the same !!! 

I start hooting like crazy all mirrors up and I hoot like I just saw uhuru in a rally !!! The men ran but not far they stand at the Boda Boda place , there’s traffic , immediately the Boda guys are at my window wondering why the hell i’m hooting , one came identified himself , asked the matatus to clear out for me so that I park and explain what’s wrong. I’m too shaken to even explain but he gives me time , I’m still scared of him as well , more men come and with rungus , he tells me he is the chairman of the nduthi Sacco there. 

They ask me to park explain, so I told them the whole story and im asked if I could identify the men. I couldn’t miss them if I saw their faces ! 

At that time I’m kinda risking it all by parking and following them. They ask me to lead the way and they follow at a distance. The thieves had already disappeared and most likely watching us from a distance. We miss them and then I ask him that I should go home now and tell him about the previous incidents! 

The chairman told me they believe me Coz they read our previous post about the insecurity in that area. 

That’s when I realized this cartel is bigger than we thought ! They are all over and making calls to each other , especially when one thief realizes you have noticed them. They call others in and leave new comers who you might not suspect !!! All this time the watchman at Naivas cared less ! 

What the thieves expected was for me to us the darker route of Gatumaini, they block it and rob me dry and other bad things.

They have tuk tuks and are so so many, they are in all busy places! And are ready to strike at every single available second.

All the above is to ask you mums take care , all the men you see standing by the road are all ready to Prey on us , our hard earned money and properties!

As I write this I’m shaken ! All these happened at 7:30- 7:45 pm !!! There were people all over so they ain’t even waiting for loners they are ready to prey when a chance comes ! 

The hooting and the amazing nduthi guys totally helped me! He gave me his number to always call in case I feel I’m not safe ! He told me they have already several guys in custody! 

I thank God for them ! Mamas stay safe Thika town is now a den of thieves ! 

The Sheriff of the town should be told !!!

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