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“Kidnapped” woman found safe, tied up in a kibanda at Thika main bus terminus.

A middle-aged woman who was on Monday morning found with her hands and legs tied and dumped in a kibanda at the Thika main bus terminus was reported to have been kidnapped on Saturday in Kayole Estate Nairobi as she had gone to do some shopping for supper.

The victim, Felista Nthara, was seen by curious commuters at around 7am as they were going about their business to catch PSV vehicles to various destinations.

She was shivering and looked about confused but as time went by, she got composed and could explain what had transpired.

According to one person who talked to Thika Town Today, he said that some of the night guards at the bus terminus, a vehicle drove into the area at around 4am Monday morning and briefly stopped at the spot where Nthara was found then drove off without saying a word to anyone.

The guards assumed that may be the driver was attending to short call of nature or may be dropping a luggage since it was normal for traders there to do so.

While narrating about her ordeal, Nthara explained how she met two women at Kayole Estate who greeted her and asked her for directions to Komarock Estate. Before she could finish directing them, one of them excused herself to remove an object from Nthara’s face.

“After she touched my face I lost my senses and later found myself in a posh house. There were only the two women and two kids residing there,” she said.

The women later asked her for her personal details which they used to buy and register a SIM Card in her name.

It is with this number that they used to call her brother, John Musimi, who also lives in Kayole and started demanding KES. 1 million if at all they wanted to get their sister alive.

“At first I ignored them but immediately they mentioned my sister’s name, I got alarmed. I called her husband who seemed unaware of what had happened to his wife. It was then we went and to report to Kayole Police Station,” said Musimi.

According to Musimi, the first signal to that call was traced somewhere in Ruai but as time went by, they lost the signal until Sunday.

On Sunday, Nthara claims to have found herself in a hotel kitchen where she was forced to clean utensils until late. She says that when her abductors realised that their mission to get the money had aborted, they mishandled and shaved her head before drugging her again and dumping her in Thika early Monday morning.

Her brother later received a call from a stranger informing him that his sister was stranded in Thika.
Confirming the incident, Thika West OCPD Willy Simba said that the police received a call from members of the public about the incident and upon picking her, they discovered that her case had been reported at Kayole Police Station.

“After making sure that she was stable, we informed our counterparts in Kayole to come for her since this was their case. We have no further information as this case is being handled from that end,” he said.

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