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(VIDEO) Wamuchomba advocates for polygamy to boost Kikuyus tyranny of numbers.

Kiambu woman rep Gathoni Wamuchomba speaking to the press at Wangunyu social hall, Karura in Kiambaa Sub-County on Saturday.

Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba has asked able men from Central Kenya to marry more than one wife so as to increase the region's population.

While speaking at Wangunyu social hall, Karura in Kiambaa Sub-County on Saturday during the launch of ‘Violence Recovery Centre” a programme to rehabilitate alcohol addicts, Wamuchomba pointed out that the practice will reduce cases of infidelity and of children born out of wedlock.

She said men, who sire children with different women should consider taking them as their additional wives, saying being in a polygamous marriage was not a crime but a way of culture.

Wamuchomba noted most of the youth in the community, who were indulging in alcohol and those who ended up as street children were in those situations because they lacked good upbringing, adding that most street children in the city were from the Kikuyu community.

“As much as we are talking about our church and our culture, we must go back to the drawing board and get solutions to some of these problems. Our current set up has forced young women to sire children with married men who end up abandoning them to raise the babies single-handedly,” said Wamuchomba.

Here is the video link of what the county MP said >>>>>>>>

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