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Turning the rains into money.

The most successful people view every situation as an opportunity to earn an extra coin, however difficult it may seem. Others will call it a blessing in disguise. 

As we talk, the rainy season is here with us and while some farmers are laughing all the way to their farms, majority of us have our heads bowed down in fear of this time of the year when heavy floods and cold seem to be a clog in the wheel of their commercial activities.

The situation is even worse for those in flood prone areas as they are likely to encounter traffic congestion especially when the roads are filled with pot holes. Worse off, people are susceptible to the loss of property worth millions of shillings through flooding.

Such people are convinced that nothing much can be done as all plans are either thwarted or slowed down by the rains.

In business, it’s always advisable to take advantage of every situation. So, depending on the mentality and the speed with which one seizes opportunities, some people will be richer while others will be poorer by the end of this rainy season.

Whereas some of us will be busy shivering or tightly covering themselves with big warm duvets, these investments may make you smile to the bank even before the rains are over. There is always a silver lining even with bad tidings. You can actually make money during the season.

The starting point is to assess your surrounding and what you can do about it to make hay while the sun shines so to say.

Here are some business ideas that can earn you quick money during this period of long rains.


These ones will move like hot cake. This is the most opportune time to hang out with your umbrellas and sell to make good money.

For people who have to report to work or duty, the use of umbrella during this weather is inevitable. One funny fact is that very few people are likely to keep their umbrellas until the next season begins. 
In fact, one can buy an umbrella when it is drizzling in the morning but if it fails to rain in the evening, chances are that he will forget the umbrella either in the office, matatu or elsewhere and that will call for a demand of another umbrella immediately it starts raining again. 

It is therefore advisable that you buy your stock when the weather is dry and sell them when the rains start. You can make thousands of shillings within very few hours, just like a joke.

To make good cash out of this, you have to keep watching the skies and start as soon as the clouds get pregnant. The more you defy the weather, the more you will make huge sales.  If you are too busy, hire someone with the dedication to do it.


You will always meet both young and old with backpacks during this rainy season. Most probably they are carrying an extra pair of shoes to change when they enter their places of work.

Get nice water-proof boots and sell them to your colleagues at work. It is human nature for people to want to be unique and as a business person you won’t go wrong if you make your customers feel special by availing tailor-made items. And remember, they will pay handsomely for the good item.

Selling rain coats and cold-weather apparel.

For people who work in the rain and cannot use umbrellas, raincoats are the best options. Sell them raincoats and you will be amazed at how they scramble to buy.

Sweaters and jackets are other items that will sell like hotcakes when the rains properly sets in. Now is the time to get your suppliers working overtime on beautiful items that cheer up people during the dull period. Go for warm colours like orange, yellow, pink and baby blue.

Rainy seasons is usually characterised by cold weather that comes with myriad diseases. No one would like to be sick just because of the bad weather and as a result, this is the time that use of thick clothing like gloves, cardigans and sweaters sky rockets making the demand for such to rise above the normal demand curve.  Establishing a cold-weather apparel store at this time of the year is therefore a sure bet that will see you smiling with a fully loaded pocket when the rains are over. 

Start a tea/coffee café.

When it rains, people’s appetites for hot snacks and drinks rise. Hot chapatis and mandazi are irresistible. So are hot drinks.

As human beings, our bodies always try to maintain warm temperature in cold weather. One way we can do this is by taking hot fluids or drinks. In most towns, many people leave their estates early without having breakfast and once in town, they walk inside hotels to have a cup before proceeding to their work places.

If you can get space around a busy place, it is the perfect time to start selling coffee and tea. Opening a tea/coffee cafe during this period is therefore likely to provide a solution to many people as you cash in their pennies. All you need to do is to ensure your shop should is situated where there is continual flow of people or near matatu or bus stages and is neat.

If you stragetise well, you will find it hard to cope with the demand. Plan ahead, make your sales and grow your savings. As long as it is raining, this market is not likely to get saturated but how smart you interact with your clients will give you an upper hand and beat competition from other hotel owners.

Windscreen wiper blades 

Windscreen wiper blades are not often put to use when there is no rain. This factor may make some blades that have become exposed to the heat of the sun stiffened.

When the rain starts and they are now needed, they do not wipe off the water and the steam effectively. Thus, a driver who doesn’t want to experience a clouded vision will be compelled to change the wiper blades. Some negligent motorists, whose blades have become removed may not replace it until it starts to rain. Such ones are willing to do anything to get wiper blades for their cars.

Taxi business 

Rainfall threatens to bring most activities to a halt, but it is not an acceptable excuse to avoid work, or to remain indoors and not go to the market to either buy or sell just because it is raining. This means that movement continues in the rainy season, despite rain fall or flooded roads. Taxi (or tuktuk) is the most convenient means of transportation in the rain, as bodabodas expose riders to the rain.

Some car owners also prefer taxis to their own cars because of bad roads and choose to take taxis instead. This makes taxi business to pull high demand during this season. 

Car wash business

Most car owners are using them during this period. Due to the muddy conditions, they cannot remain clean for long. This makes the existing car wash centres too busy.

You do not need expensive machines to open a car wash. All you need is water vessels and some manpower. Make the prices reasonable and you will reap big. However, if you want a proper washing to make your customer appreciate your service and always come back, you will only need a need a pressure washer. 

Tent hire 

Many people or corporates organising outdoor activities are most likely to hire tents to shield them from the rain this season. This could be another good idea that can make you some quick cash considering that there will be more than one or two events every weekend.

You can make money by engaging in the tent hire business or if you don’t have adequate cash to buy your own tents for hire, you can lease it from sellers and hire out to those who need it, taking the commission as your gain.

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