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This is why you should think twice before buying simcards on the streets.

Kenyans have been warned to be wary of conmen who are disguising as simcard vendors selling the cards on the streets.

Conmen have come up with new methods of stealing money from Kenyans where they are cunningly collecting personal data from you and later using it to fleece your M-PESA accounts dry.

According to an online alert sent on social media by a victim, these conmen approach their victims on the streets pretending to sell simcards on “offer”.

They ask for the victim’s ID Card for registration where they either photocopy it or memorise important data such as your full names, Date of Birth and your ID Number.

They then ask you for an alternative contact number (preferably from Safaricom) and then use that info to block your card and renew it using the data collected from your ID Card.

From there, they are able to withdraw all your money from M-PESA and even get a loan from M-SHWARI.

Be Warned! Stop buying those simcards that are sold in the streets. Only buy simcards from certified shops.

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