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Kenyans to get digital IDs with special features starting next year.

The National Assembly is set to debate and vote on the creation of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) that will create a system for generating a harmonised national identification document for Kenyans.

NIIMS is part of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill introduced in the house two weeks ago.

Under this system, all Kenyans will have a unique national identification number. It will also harmonise all information from other databases hosted by government agencies on registration.

According to the bill, NIIMS will create, manage, maintain and operate a national population register as a single source of personal information on all Kenyan citizens and registered foreigners resident in the country.

It will print and distribute all national identification cards, refugee cards, foreigner certificates, birth and death certificates, driving licences, work permits, passports and foreign travel documentation, and student identification cards.

The Niims will also generate a format for the document that will capture all the information required for creation of the single identification document.

Starting next year, Kenyans will be issued with digital identity cards with special features and personal details. Among the special features the ID will have are health insurance, social security, taxation and driving licence details.

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