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How I was lured into a nude trap, DG Ndambiri.

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri addressing the press at the Thika Police Station on Wednesday evening. 
Kirinyaga Deputy Governor has categorically denied having any intimate relationship with the lady he was filmed with in a nude clip that has been circulating on social media platforms.

Speaking on Wednesday evening after recording a statement at the Thika Police Station, Ndambiri described himself as a victim of an extortion cartel involving a very well organised criminal gang that targeted prominent personalities and politicians in the Central Kenya region.

Contrary to reports being circulated that the incident occurred in Kakamega County during the Governors' Conference, the DG said that incident actually happened in a Thika Estate about a fortnight ago.

"It was a well choreographed set up involving this woman and some people from Kirinyaga. Very agonising moment but I thank God that I am alive to tell my story," said Ndambiri.

According to him, he was lured to Thika to buy a house in one of the posh estates in the outskirts. When they went to the site, he was told that the person who had the keys to the house had not yet arrived so they decided he left for Blue Post Hotel as he waited for the caretaker to arrive.

A while later, the lady came for him in an expensive car, convincing his aides to be left behind as 'it would just take a moment to view the property'. And off the DG left with just the lady who was the driver.

Upon arrival and entry into the house, the two were accosted by 'heavily armed' men who threatened to kill him if at all he defied their orders.

"It was so traumatising to be stripped naked and confess to having an intimate affair with someone I really did not know. There was very little I could do as they took the video as all that mattered then was to save my life," he said.

Our sources told us that the house in question is in Githingiri Estate and the gang were demanding the DG to 'buy of' the clip for sh. 5 million which he failed.

We also understand that they robbed him all the money he had before releasing him.

The DG connected the incident to the ongoing Kirinyaga politics since the people who were involved in the dirty scheme actually hailed from the county.

He urged the investigators handling the case to do a thorough job and ensure that the culprits were brought to book. He also prayed that his ordeal would be the last as he would not any other person to be subjected to such a humiliation.

He however rubbished a statement that was being circulated on social media purporting that he had apologised over the incident, connecting the author to the same clique of criminals who were out to divert the people's attention to the truth.

Kirinyaga Jubilee Party Vice Chairman  Muriithi Kang'ara described the lady in question as a serial criminal who had put several senior personalities, who included the clergy into similar ordeals.

"Several people have fallen victim to this lady's schemes and lost millions to ' buy her silence'," he said.

He reiterated his deputy governor's allegations that the scheme had their roots in Kirinyaga politics adding that the lady was just a vehicle to tarnish the DG's and his boss' reputation.

According to him, the lady's name was Elizabeth Waithera Njuguna and was not married.

"She resides at Membley Estate in Ruiru and has a tendency of luring celebrities and prominent people. The guy claiming to be the husband in the video is a scam," said Kang'ara.

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