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Several roads earmarked for tarmacking by the county government, says MCA.

Thika Township MCA Andrew Kimani inspecting some of the minor emergency repairs on Baba Yao Road on Monday.

Kiambu County Government plans to tarmac the Haile Selassie Road exit to Thika Superhighway near the Chania Bridge (Baba Yao Road) and also re-carpet part of the Section 9 road near the famous Mugumo tree, Thika Township MCA Andrew Ndirangu Kimani has said.

Speaking on Monday at the Chania Bridge while inspecting minor repairs before the main construction works, Andrew said that the county government had already approved works for the two projects to commence anytime from now.

He said that the devolved government was targeting to tarmac virtually all major link roads within the estates aimed at making sure that every ward benefited from improved infrastructure.

“The tarmacking of this part of the road will be a big boost to the economy of this town as so many man hours are wasted in traffic jams along this area. We are also planning to re-carpet that part of Section 9 which has now become almost impassible due to so many deep potholes,” he said.

Andrew added that the delay in remitting funds to counties had affected some of the projects earmarked for implementation but assured residents that things would soon starting to take shape now that the political heat in the country had cooled off.

“Thika residents should be rest assured that the tarmacking of the road is a done deal and we are finalising plans to launch the construction. We will also embark on other development projects around this ward soon funds are made available by the county government,” said the MCA.

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