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Resident petitions EACC to probe Kiambu County’s bleach of Public Procurements Act.

A Kiambu resident has petitioned the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to investigate alleged irregularities and violations of Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act by the current Kiambu County Government.

In a petition by Mutema Kuumu that was received on March 1 2018 by the EACC, Kiambu County Assembly and the county government, the petitioner pinpoints five key departments.

The departments in question are Roads, Transport & Public Works, Finance & Economic Planning, Water, Environment & Natural Resources, Trade, Tourism, Industries & Enterprise Development and that of Land, Housing, Physical Planning & Urban Development.

Kuumu wants the commission to freeze ongoing tender evaluation for feeder roads alleging influence by the executive and assembly.

He is also appealing to the EACC to audit all persons employed by the county within the last six months. He alleges that the manner in which casual workers were contracted was irregular and noncompetitive adding that there also existed some degree of intimidation of older employees and withdrawal of mandates forward administrators, whom they say continue drawing salaries without duty allocation.

He wants the EACC to also audit of all pending and paid bills within the last six months alleging that there existed some irregular awarding of tenders to construct water pans in Ndeiya and Nachu wards, and forcible dissolution of water companies.

The petitioner also allege rampant favouritism and irregular facilitation in payment of pending bills in the Department of Finance, a department he says does not have an accounting officer.

He also wants the Commission to investigate alleged inflated charges to the county Treasury for milk coolers which were actually donated by the national government through the Kiambu Agriculture department.

Kuumu claims that the county has lost Sh2 million during the partitioning of rooms to accommodate Deputy Governor James Nyoro’s office which were later restored back to their original state under the orders by the governor.

In the Public Works and Roads Department, he claims that the Githurai Bus Bark tender was awarded without any documentation.

The Lands department has been accused of awarding tenders without following the due process while embarking on the ongoing renovations at the Kiambu sub-county offices.

In the Trade department, the petitioner claims that the contractor who was contracted to do Limuru Market was awarded that contract before following the due process as even his designs had not yet been approved.

The petitioner also allege that there was an irregular tender advertisement placed in the dailies on February 11 this year that never accorded interested parties time to access the tender documents which were even not available in the official county website.

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