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Mother seeking justice for her 2-year old defiled by neighbour.

The mother of a 2½-year old girl who was defiled by a man in Kiandutu slums last December is demanding justice for the toddler.

The middle-aged woman who is a casual labourer in a construction company says that her daughter was defiled by the suspect on 14th December 2017. She allege that on that fateful day, she left her daughter in the care of her elder siblings.

“I left the children at home and went to work. When I returned in the evening, I found my youngest daughter lying in bed but rather looking disturbed and uncomfortable,” narrated the victim’s mother.

She claims that when she took her up on her laps, she noticed her daughter seemed frail and kind of withdrawn. Assuming that she may have been exhausted, she decided to prepare her for bathing.

Upon undressing her, she noticed some discharge flowing down her thighs from her privates. After close observation, she saw some blood stains too, something that really ignited her senses.

“I immediately screamed, alerting my neighbours who came to check what had happened,” she said.

To her utter dismay, one of the neighbours informed her that they had earlier nabbed a certain man red-handed defiling her daughter.

“They advised me to first rush her to the health centre for the doctor’s examination and medication, just in case there was a problem. The doctors confirmed that indeed she had been raped,” she said.

The suspect, Daniel Kihara, was later arrested by police but since then, he has not been arraigned before any court.

The victim’s mother now claims that her life is in danger as the mother to the suspect and her elder son have been continuously threatening her to withdraw the charges against their son or else she will end up ‘in the grave’.

She is now appealing to the authorities to dispense justice for the innocent girl and also protect her from her aggressors.  

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