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Meet Lawrence Ndegwa Mburu aka Desh empowering fellow youths one bead work at a time.

Lawrence Ndegwa Mburu aka Desh outside his work place.

Lawrence Ndegwa Mburu aka Desh is a talented youth who hails from Ofafa Estate in Thika, he wears several feathers to his hat, the Political science student at University of Nairobi  recently founded  Starmoja Youths Welfare Association where together with youths from various estates join hands to champion for social causes. He is also the owner of a bead making business where he spends most of his time designing and taking orders from clients. He advises young people to strive at working hard in private so that their success can be celebrated in public.

1. Did you grow up in Thika? Yes as matter of fact  I was born at Thika District Hospital many years ago, my childhood was full of adventures from going to play at Kwa Mishuu, attempting somersault stunts such as Sama ya Uthuthe,uhewa,to swimming at Kanyeki to schooling in one of the best nursery school back in the days Thika Prison's, after wards went to Gatumaini Primary School, then Chania Boy's High and now am studying at University of Nairobi main campus.

2. What do you like about Thika Town? We have one of the best towns in Kenya there are numerous opportunities this town offers, due to certain factors such as enhanced security, there are less cases of insecurity, we have so many eateries joints from the buying mutura at an affordable price to buying pizza, Thika people are a social lot who are ready to support youths. And we have alot of home grown talent from reknowned footballers such as Gaucho Gathu,musicians such as Chaos Deah.

3. What would like to change about Thika? The rate at which the beauty of our estates is deteriorating is alarming look around you we no longer have tarmacked roads within our estates, when it rains like it is right now children have to wade through dirty water to get to school why can't those in leadership prioritize redoing our roads? 

4. Why Bead Work? I was taught to make beads by one of my friends Derrick way back in 2016, I would say its something am passionate about 

5. Can you say that Thika people support what you do? Yes in a very big way, I know there are several people also doing bead work in this town but despite the competition my business remains to be the most recognised, however i would like to appeal to our able Governor H.E Waititu to see to it that he has created an opportunity for us to show case our work a one day art expo at Kristina Gardens for example would be such a good chance.

6. What kind of training & skills do you require in this business? Well not so much formal learning you need to be passionate and have an eye for details, this work involves alot of concentration there is a need to also have book keeping skills because you need to keep tabs on the amount of money you have used and see if you are making any profits. 

7. Who are some of the high level clients that you have dealt with? So far my main clients comprise of tertiary level students, a few parents have also placed orders for their kids 

8. What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting? Come toThika and visit my work place and grab yourself a nice done wrist band at an affordable price, we have scenic places such as 14 Falls the largest water falls within East Africa and finally this town is full of business opportunities. 

Connect with Ndesh on: https://www.facebook.com/ndegwa.mburu.3
Cell phone : 254 722 752275

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