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Expect heavy rains, more flooding and landslides in April, Met Dept warns.

A flooded section of Uhuru Street, Thika near the Post Office during the recent rains.

The Kenya Meteorological Department is warning of heavy rains and more flooding in many parts of the country starting next month.

Head of Meteorological services Peter Ambenje said April marks the climax of the long rains, warning of landslides in some places.

“Several parts of the country are likely to experience increased rainfall that may be characterised by heavy storms in Western, Northwestern, Central and parts of Southeastern,” Ambenje said.

He urged farmers to take advantage of the good rains and apply appropriate farming methods to maximise crop yield.

“Chances of flooding are still high especially in the riparian and low-lying areas including urban centres. Cases of lightning strikes are also highly probable especially in western Kenya,” Ambeje said.

Ambeje warned of mudslides in Central highlands including Murang’a and Meru, as well as Western and the Rift Valley.

According to the Meteorological Department, only the Coast and Northeastern Kenya will be spared of heavy rains.

“The rainfall in these areas is likely to be poorly distributed, both in time and space,” he said.

“Flooding is conducive for mosquito breeding. This is expected to lead to malaria outbreak. The Ministry of Health is, therefore, encouraged to map out possible outbreak areas and to intensify surveillance of such diseases,” he added.

The long rains season began mid-March in most places and has been characterised by heavy storms that killed at least 16 people.

“The onset of the March-May long rains was well within the predicted period of the third week of March. However, several parts of the country started receiving rain beginning of March,” Ambenje said.

The rains were above average in most places.

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