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Street couple complete turnover! Now rewarded with this amazing flying holiday to Diani Beach.

From a complete make over for Sammy and Virginia to a flight to Mombasa.

To many women in Kenya, a good salary and owning a home is just but the minimum standard criteria that most men must meet for women to be interested. This was however not the case for Virginia Njeri who fell in love with Sammy Githae, popularly known as Blackie.

Sammy & Virginia met two years ago at Central Park which they eventually made their matrimonial “home”. Blackie, who has been on the streets since 2012, was forced out of his home while in Standard Four because he was the “black sheep” of the family while Njeri was left an orphan. She abandoned school in Form One.

Sammy has a driving licence and hopes that one day he might land a driver’s job. On the other hand, Virginia wishes to pursue a career in catering, a dream that lights up her “hubby’s” face.

The couple are street ‘kids’ whose resolve to hold on to love was inspiring, not even the pangs of poverty or uncertain future deterred their zeal to do life together. After some interactions with the couple, Muchiri realised that beneath all the dirt, tattered clothes and slurred speeches there lies beautiful individuals who would thrive like the rest of us if we offered them the opportunities. Love doesn’t discriminate.

This Valentine’s Day, one photographer, Muchiri Frames decided to do something different. They decided to give the two love birds whose desire to be together defies all odds, a Valentine’s gift of a lifetime.

Pictures from the photo-shoot after Muchiri treated the couple to some complete makeover including their meal on Valentine’s Day at a top restaurant went viral on social media touching many Kenyans who have offered to assist.

Yesterday, Bonfire Adventures and Events rewarded the two lovebirds with a fully paid 3-days flying package to Diani in a 4-Star Hotel on an all-inclusive meal plan. They will be accompanied by their best friend plus Muchiri.

After holiday Bonfire Adventures will pay their rent for 5 months, including their friend to kick start their life off the streets.

For now, both the couple is being housed by one of Muchiri’s friends as they thrash out details of the help from well-wishers.

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