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Man cheats death after truck lands on top of his car.

A car driver is lucky to be alive after mysteriously escaping death unscathed when a truck crashed on top of his car. 

The accident happened Tuesday afternoon on the busy Thika-Garissa Highway near Kivulini Apartments in Makongeni Thika.

According to eyewitnesses, both vehicles were driving from the Thika directions. It is alleged that as the driver of the small car was exiting the highway to divert towards Kisii Estate, the speeding lorry which a short distance behind it failed to stop in time thereby crashing onto the small car.

It is said that in an attempt to avoid a worse crash, the truck driver attempted to swerve towards the sides, consequently dragging the small car into a ditch.

How the driver of the car escaped unscathed remained a puzzle to the curious eyewitnesses who immediately rushed to the scene from the nearby Kisi estate and Gachagi slums.

The accident caused very heavy traffic on both lanes but the police managed to clear the road within about two hours.

The two vehicles were later towed to Makongeni Police Station.  

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