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Kiambu leaders’ message to NASA bigwigs.

Thika MP Patrick Wainaina, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi, Kamenu MCA Raphael Chege, Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Speaker Stephen Ndichu during a church service St. John Happy Valley ACK Church in Landless Estate Thika on Sunday.

A section of Kiambu leaders have urged Kenyans to get down to work and avoid distractions and sideshows geared to keep the country on some endless political mode.

Led by Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Senator Paul Kimani Njoroge (Wamatangi), Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina and Kiambu speaker Stephen Ndichu, the leaders stated that the time for ‘empty politicking’, was over and leaders should embark to doing business they were elected to do.

Speaking on Sunday during the consecration of St. John Happy Valley ACK Church in Landless Estate Thika, they asked Kenyans to abandon the tradition endless politicking, a concept that they said, distracted people from their shared values.

“We shall not allow a section of our leaders to engage the country with negative politics every other day. Kindly let’s ignore unnecessary politicking and help our people to concentrate on development programmes that will uplift their living standards,” said Wamatangi.

Wamatangi instead asked all leaders to prioritise the unity of the people of Kenya and national cohesion.

The Thika legislator on his part warned that identity politics only exhausted political discourse leaving very little space to work on the economy and the common good of the people.

Elections are over. It is time to work. If we will continue engaging in politics, five years will go by without any meaningful development in the region,” said Wainaina.

He warned that continuous engagement of party politics will only serve to derail the development initiative planned for Thika and other areas of Kiambu County.

“Let us not waste time politicking with the leaders who are there now. Let us instead join hands and work with our leaders or else the region risks lagging behind in development while other areas develop,” he said.

Governor Waititu accused the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) of playing double standards when applying the law by being lenient on politicians from the opposition side.

He said that the recent sentiments by his Kitui counterpart Charity Ngilu that led to the torching of two trucks belonging to traders from Kiambu County were grave and a recipe for political and ethnic chaos.

“If I were the one who made those sentiments or were it my brother Moses Kuria (Gatundu South MP), we will be in police cells by now. What is so special with Ngilu? Why the double standards?” asked Waititu.

The governor promised to sue Ngilu in court for incitement to violence leading to the loss of the two lorries.

“Yes, she must be compelled to foot the cost to reimburse the owners of the two lorries,” he added.

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