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Blind man bedridden for 4 years for lack of medical help.

Munyao Nzao talking to the press on his bed where he has been confined for the last four years.
Munyao Nzau, 55, is appealing for well-wishers to assist him regain his ability to walk again after what seemed to be just a minor dislocation of the hip joint has left him bedridden for about four years now.

Munyao, who is blind, lives in a dilapidated shack with his mother in Witeithie Estate, Juja Sub-County.

His mother, Grace Ndulo, 80, has now taken up the responsibility of nursing and taking care of him “like a baby” since that unfortunate incident in 2014.

Looking back before he became bedridden, Munyao says that he survived through the little money he received from Good Samaritans through begging in the streets and never bothered anyone for food or basic needs. By then he used to live in Kiandutu slums.

“I was walking back to the house that evening when I tripped and fell on the ground, dislocating my hip joint in the process. The pain was just unbearable and I had to be carried to my room by the people who found me writhing in pain,” explains Munyao.

He slept overnight hoping that the pain will subside and allow him to get to town to source for some money for food as it was his daily routine but that was never to be. He could not get out of bed the following morning due to some chilling pain.

What he thought to be just a simple dislocation turned out to be serious and after some days in bed, he called his elder brother to take him to the nearby Kiandutu Health Centre.

“The doctor just examined me briefly and prescribed some pain killers which I took for a week without any improvement,” he adds.

When things got out of hand, Munyao was transferred to his elderly mother’s compound where he has been bedridden for the last four years now.

“We were unable to raise any money to take me to hospital so I decided to live with my mother for accommodation and food. My brothers are not financially stable with several of my siblings not mentally well,” he says.

Since then, Munyao has been staying in the house, hoping that one day, a Good Samaritan will come his way and sponsor his medical expenses since he believes that his condition can be rectified.

“I rarely get out of bed and when I do, I do crawl like a snake. In most cases I answer to the call of nature inside the house for my younger brother to dispose it for me.”

Misfortunes seems to have followed Munyao ever since he was young.

“I was not born blind. I partially lost my eyesight as a young boy while playing with some Sodom apple in our native home in Kitui. I don’t know what exactly happened, but it was just a very painful experience,” he explains.

As an adult, he visited one of the free eye camps that usually come to Thika where he was operated in the eyes. Afterwards, he completely lost his eyesight and could not see again.

The family is now appealing to well-wishers to come to their aid and help Munyao get to hospital.

“Munyao has suffered a lot and considering my age, I am unable to be of any help to him other than providing him with the little food I get from my efforts. I welcome any help that will make us see an end to this,” appeals Ndulo.

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