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‘State-of-the-art’ Carta Oakhill opens its doors for Pre-school and Primary school kids.

It is that time of year when parents are starting to make decisions about where to send their children to pre-school.  Pre-school is one of the biggest milestones in a child's life and finding the right school is one of the most important decisions parents can make.

Starting this month, Carta Oakhill School begin their first year of schooling in a state-of-the-art facility in Landless area of Thika West sub-county, about a 2km off Thika-Garissa Highway.

According to its Director Muigai Ikame, the new facility has been established to respond to years of calls by parents for more access to infant and toddler care in a setting where they can thrive with teachers and caregivers who understand how to promote their healthy growth and development.

Ikame added that their setup guided learners discover individual interests in lessons and through extra-curricular opportunities such as music and computer literacy.

“In the world today, children need to be able to do much more than repeat a list of facts; they need to be critical thinkers who can make sense of information, analyse, compare, contrast and generate higher order thinking skills. Our daycare center offers an invaluable service to parents and guardians who need quality care for their children,” said Ikame. 

To achieve this, the director said that they have ensured that each of their classes maintained a 1:10 teacher-pupil ratio so that each child benefits from a fantastic level of attention from the very beginning.

The school’s Principal Dorcas Muthoni explains that they admit toddlers as young as 1-year olds in their baby care department where they are provided with the necessary time and encouragement to help maximise their true potential.

“Young children are like a sponge, soaking up information. At Carta Oakhill School, we ensure that each child absorbs so much from our rich learning environment. We endeavour to develop each one of them into well-rounded and resilient individuals with skills that will stay with them throughout their lives,” explained the Principal.

While admitting that most schools in the country lacked a holistic approach to learning, Dorcas boasted that Oakhill School provided a schedule that was responsive to each child’s needs, including an appropriate stimulation and time to rest to the young children.

“Children need love and attention especially in the early stages of growth. They also need the opportunity to form the kind of comfortable, secure relationship with their peers that will nurture their healthy emotional development.” 

The launch was graced by the area MP Patrick Wainaina who promised to support both public and private learning institutions so as to improve the standards of education in Thika.

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