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Police ‘blast’ drug peddler’s privates following a scuffle.

A file photo of the entrance to Thika Level 5 Hospital where the suspect is being treated to the gun wounds.
A middle aged man is recovering at the Thika Level 5 Hospital after his genitals were blown off during a scuffle with police officers.

George Muriuki, a suspected bhang dealer, is said to have met this fate as he wrestled an armed officer and attempted to stab him with a Somali sword.

It is alleged that police officers accosted Muriuki and one of his accomplices and upon being ordered to surrender, they turned violent and attempted to stab the officers. The law enforcers shot several times in their in an attempt to scare the suspects into submission but instead they confronted them and flashed the sword, ready to strike.

Muriuki is said to have pounced on one of the officers and wrestled him on the ground, prompting him to shoot him through the buttocks, a bullet that ran through his genitals, rapturing them in the process.

However, Muriuki managed to escape but the police arrested his accomplice with about 50 rolls of bhang.

He is said to have sought medical attention at a Kenol Hospital in Murang’a County where doctors declined to attend to him without the requisite P3 Form from the police. The doctors notified the area police who after interrogating the suspect, handed him over to Thika Police.

Confirming the incident, Thika Deputy OCPD Bernard Ayoo, said that the police will press charges against the suspect once he got out of the hospital.

At the time of going to press, doctors at the Thika Level 5 Hospital were busy trying to reconstruct the raptured genitals but said that the suspect was out of danger.

“We have done some reconstruction surgery to correct the injuries. Otherwise, the patient is out of danger,” said one of the doctors who did not want to be identified since he was not authorised to address the media.

The attack on the police officers came hot on the heels of another incident in Murang'a County last week where a criminal stabbed and killed a police officer.

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