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Wainaina breaks a 15-year norm as he joins residents at this year's Jamuhuri Day Celebrations..

Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina does a jig as he joins dancers at the Thika Stadium during this year's Jamuhuri Day Celebrations.
Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina on Tuesday broke the norm by gracing two Jamuhuri Day Celebrations at Kilimambogo and Thika Stadium in Thika East and Thika West sub-counties respectively, the first time for a sitting Member of Parliament since 2002.

Previously, area MPs used to attend the presidential ceremonies in Nairobi, something that has over time waned the spark witnessed in initial celebrations. The last MP to ever attend any national holiday in Thika Constituency was the current Kiambu County Assembly Speaker MP Stephen Ndichu, who by then represented the larger Juja Constituency.

The MP arrive at the Thika Stadium at around 1pm after attending a similar function in Thika East earlier in the morning.

During the morning celebrations where he was hosted by the DCC Thomas Senkei, Wainaina expressed his disappointment in the manner residents still struggled to eke a living, 54 years since independence. He attributed this to lack of commitment by a section of leaders to alleviate poverty among their constituents.

He promised to them that he would set up strategic forums in each ward where residents will sit down with his office to seek permanent solutions to their own problems.

“Starting this January, we will sit down with you and come up with customised solutions to the challenges facing each of our wards. I believe each area has its own unique challenges and the best placed people to come up with permanent solutions were the inhabitants themselves,” said Wainaina.

The MP noted that plans were at an advanced stage to supply Gatuanyaga and Ngoliba Wards with 9000m³ of drinking water, a problem that has dogged the area over the years.

“I also know that the issue of land is very emotive especially here in Kilimambogo and I promise you that we shall revisit and audit the sub-division of the land that was allocated to squatters by President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier this year. We cannot allow a few inconsiderate people to soil the name of the president through dubious allocations,” he said.

In Thika, the MP cautioned security agencies that he will not sit down and watch insecurity escalate and jeopardise the business environment. He warned anyone found to be failing in their duties to protect the residents that his office will fight to ensure that they either got transferred or fired in case they were discovered to abetting crime.

“No one can invest in an insecure environment. The people of Thika have hired me to serve them and before they fire me for incompetence, I will make sure I have fired all those found abetting crime or sleeping on their job as criminals enjoy a free day,” warned the legislator.

He warned that his office will vigorously fight to eliminate joints that were engaging in illegal betting and gambling in the constituency, illicit brews and alcohol outlets as well as drug peddling.

Responding to the MP’s concerns, Thika West DCC Tom Anjere defended his officers saying that the area security team had done relatively well but admitted that there was still room for improvement.

Anjere was also optimistic that those who committed the murders of taxi driver Francis Kariuki Wainaina (Karis) and Kiganjo businessman Paul Kiarie will be apprehended and brought to book.

However, the DCC challenged police officers, chiefs and officials of both Nyumba Kumi and Community Policing to work with the relevant officials to expose criminal elements within their areas of jurisdiction.

He requested the area MP to convene a meeting with all stakeholders that will draw a comprehensive strategic plan that will ensure Thika developed a workable 24-hour economy.

“I will not condone chiefs or police officers whose areas harbour criminals or are dens for illicit brews and drugs. I would also request employers to assist the police with some form of identification especially for their workers who have to leave their work stations at night. This will ease the burden to smoke out criminals disguising themselves as law abiding citizens,” said Anjere. 

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