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Parents of infant found pierced with 14 needles arrested, Children’s Dept. takes kid.

Jane Ndunge, the mother of the 10 month-old infant found with needles lodged in her body being whisked away by police after she was arrested at Thika Level 5 Hospital.
The Thika children’s office have rescued the 10-month-old baby who was discovered with 14 sewing needles lodged into her body after what they presumed to be a heinous case of child abuse and tortured by her own parents.

Isaac Gichuna Wanyoike (41) and Jacinta Ndunge (31) were arrested after the officers found their version of the story not convincing enough and were detained at the Thika Police Station for further questioning.

Thika Sub-County children’s officer, Rebecca Kariuki explained how doctors at Thika Level 5 Hospital notified her office about the case three weeks ago and since then, they have been interrogating the mother who has since refused to open up as to how the needles came to be lodged in the baby’s body.

She argued that it sounded illogical for her to claim not to know while as the child was under her care all through.

“We are suspecting that this is a case of child abuse and neglect and since she (the mother) has refused to open up, we have no choice but to hand her over to the police. If they find her innocent, we are going to release her daughter to her,” said Rebecca.

The officer said that the infant and her two other siblings will be taken to Macheo Children’s Home for the time being until this matter was comprehensively settled.

“After this my officers are going to Kiganjo to collect the other two minors to be taken to safe custody as we cannot leave them to suffer alone at home when their parents are in custody,” she added.

Their father was arrested as he came to visit them in hospital during visiting hours.

According to him, he had no reason to suspect his wife of any foul play. He claims that, just like any parent, he saw no reason for her to harm her own children.

Gichuna, who works as a stone miner in a nearby quarry, however said that he noted that their daughter had developed some difficulties in sitting upright about two days before they took her to hospital but confused this to the ailment she had suffered.

“Two days before we took her to hospital, she had difficulties in sitting and she used to cry a lot. I thought she was crying because she was unwell and I instructed her mother to take her to hospital if her condition deteriorated,” said Gichuna.

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Otherwise, he pleaded with the police to set them free and allow them take care of their children.
Thika OCPD Willy Simba said that they were holding the two and will press charges once they have completed investigations into the matter.

“We are going to charge them with child neglect and torture and once we are through with the investigations, we are arraign them in court,” said Simba.

Sources in Thika Level 5 Hospital insinuated that the pins seemed to have been deliberately inserted into the child’s buttocks and according to the way they looked, they might have been there for quite a while.

“These pins have rusted and it seems that they have been in the baby’s body for quite a while. Forensic investigations will determine for how long they have been inside her flesh,” explained our source.

Doctors at Thika Level 5 Hospital were baffled to find 14 needles inside a 10 month-old infant whose mother claims that she has no idea how they got inside her daughter’s body.

The pins had been lodged in the infant’s buttocks and thigh.

About a fortnight ago, Jacinta Ndunge rushed her daughter to the hospital for what she suspected to be a Pneumonia attack where she was admitted. But things out bizarre when she was pricked by a sharp object as she was apply jelly on her daughter. Upon keen observation, she saw something that looked like a pin and alerted the nurses on duty who later called the doctor.

After performing the X-Ray, doctors discovered that Baby Jane Wairimu had 13 other needles inside her buttocks and thigh. They were able to remove 13 of them, leaving behind one of them which is said to have penetrated to the hip bone and needed specialised attention.

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