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Man fighting for his life after thug attack.

A Wembley Genjor gun, police torch and handcuff key recovered by APs  in Witeithie estate.
A middle-aged man was early Friday morning rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital after being hacked by suspected thugs while he was on his way home in Kibute area of Witeithie in Juja sub-county.

According to residents, he was found lying along the road in a pool of blood oozing from a deep cut in the leg and a head injury that appeared to have been caused by being hit with a blunt object.

His injuries are said to possibly be life-threatening.

For quite a while now, residents of Witeithie Estate have been living in fear following a series of attacks by a marauding gang of young men armed with crude weapons including knives and clobber's needle.

Last week, the area Administration Police officers (APs) recovered a Wembley Genjor gun, a police torch and handcuff key in a suspect's house in Athena estate. They also recovered assorted goods believed to have been stolen.

This is following a tip off from the suspect's estranged wife. Police are now hunting down the suspect who has also been accused of assaulting his father in law.

Komo chief Muchui Muiruri has blamed the area residents for the escalating cases of insecurity saying that they were uncooperative especially when a suspect has been apprehended by the police.

“Each time the police arrest suspects, the complainants and witnesses fail to turn up to help in their identification or to record statements. In the absence of a complainant, the officers are forced to let the suspects go scot-free for lack of evidence,” he said.

However, majority of the residents prefer administering ‘mob justice’ or the police shooting dead the suspects as the believe that the law agencies are so lenient on the culprits, something that has brought about some level of impunity among these criminals.

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