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The Clergy debunk Canon Karanja’s controversial statement, want an end to political tensions.

A section of the clergy drawn from Kiambu and Murang'a Counties during a press conference in Thika where they distanced themselves from sentiments made by the NCCK on Tuesday calling for an extended government geared towards accommodating poll losers.
A section of the clergy from Kiambu and Murang’a counties have distanced themselves from a statement issued by the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) proposing radical changes in the system of governance that would bring forth to an expanded executive.

Led by Bishop Hezekiah Karanja Mburu of Rabbon Faith Ministries of Kenya, the religious leaders expressed discontentment over the manner in which the NCCK chair issued such a controversial statement without consulting its affiliate members.

“We are very shocked and surprised that the body to which we are affiliated to being used to divide the church. Canon Peter Karanja should not make a blanket statement purporting to be that of the church even without seeking members’ opinion on the matter. It is wrong and we will not be party to his own personal views,” said the bishop.

Bishop Karanja failed to comprehend the logic behind the country undertaking a referendum just to satisfy the whims of an individual at the expense of the bigger interest of the entire populace.

“Just recently, Hillary Clinton lost to (Donald) Trump in the American polls but she moved on. We had elections in France and Germany too but the citizens in those countries never called for constitutional changes to accommodate the losers. What then makes Kenya so different from all the other democracies in the world where losers accept defeat and move on?” he quipped.

Bishop Peter Kariuki of Holy Ambition Church noted a certain trend with some of the country’s leading politicians who were of the habit to always create drama whenever they lost in any elections with a view to be considered for a realigned government.

“For quite a very long time, Kenyans have never lived a day without being subjected to endless electioneering periods that are in total disregard to their general welfare. Politicians have made it the norm to always cause differences for their own selfish political expediency at the expense of the mwananchi who ends up suffering from a destabilised economy,” said Bishop Karanja.

The bishop noted that such political differences were responsible for the tribal animosity experienced among Kenyans every time they went to the polls.

These sentiments were echoed by Bishop Mathew Mwaura of Rehoboth of Mercy Israel Church who noted that the aftermath of every election bore so many wounded souls because many political and economic careers are brought to a halt by the diverse results.

For this, Bishop Mwaura believes such was a time to heal and not to aggravate the situation through inflammatory and divisive statements. He added that it was quite unfortunate that the country had been treated as though its existence depended solely on appeasing the egos just two or three individuals.

“The country has been held hostage by the selfish egos of one or two people who do not care if we perish as long as they get into power. The essence of any election is to relay the will of the majority and anything contrary to the wishes of the people negates the true tenets of democracy,” he said.  

In a statement read on Tuesday by NCCK chairman Canon Peter Karanja, the NCCK had proposed re-introduction of prime minister's position as a cure to the constant tension and hardline stance that are witnessed every election year.

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