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Dream come true for disabled man who voted for Uhuru with his feet.

John Gichuhi Macharia talking on his phone that he holds using his legs.
On the 26th of October 2017, photos of 21-year old John Gichuhi Macharia voting for President Uhuru Kenyatta with his feet went viral on social media.

Today, his life is bound to change for the better after attracting the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta on Election Day and pledged to help him.

The president sent Transport CS James Macharia and local administration officers to find him. The team located him at his rented single-room in Witeithie estate, Juja Sub-County where he lives with a helper.

The CS promised to get him a new residence and source of livelihood.

Gichuhi was astonished by the visit and expressed hope he will get help to set up a business.

Though he was born without arms, Gichuhi has a Diploma in Computer Studies and uses his feet to write, eat, type and drive.

John Gichuhi Macharia casting his vote in the repeat presidential election on October 26 2017.
“People promised to assist me during campaigns but they never keep their promise and after months of trying to follow up, I gave up,” he added.

Gichuhi, who survives on donations from well-wishers and the Rescue Mission Centre, yesterday said his dream to own a cosmetics business may become a reality.

“What I want is a business that can accommodate cosmetics, a salon, a barbershop and cyber cafĂ©. All I need is capital,” he said.

The news that Kenyatta was looking for him came as a dream as he is used to be used by politicians for their personal gains since he left school in 2012.

He moved from his rural home in Murang'a four years ago after the death of his mother and could only get assistance in his current residence because his uncle lived there. Unfortunately, his uncle also passed on living him alone as his father remarried. 

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