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CYCAD Football Academy rolls out Thika's first ever teen soccer camp.

Cycad Soccer Academy kids pose for a group photo with their coach at Gatumaini Primary School grounds

Great footballers don’t just appear from anywhere and that is why Cycad football training academy has rolled a December Holiday football boot camp, with the aim of training kids from ages of 6-14yrs at a fee of Ksh 1,000/= per child.

Created in 2016 in order to discover young football talents in Thika, the idea behind the birth of the academy was the fact that Thika town was full of talented children who just need orientation and professional training to further develop their career and be able to play at national and international levels.

Speaking to Thika Town Today at the Gatumaini Primary School training grounds Cycad Training Academy Coach Isaiah Owidi said that  “The academy aims at providing a suitable environment for the kids to develop skills using a well-developed learning curriculum, here we teach the students soccer skills, discipline, team spirit and leadership.”
Soccer practise session on going at Gatumaini Primary School.

He further goes on to urge parents to bring their children to the training so that they can be trained into professional footballers and so that they can avoid bad vices such as drug abuse. He advises parents to also support in nurturing their child’s talents and calls upon them to invest in nurturing their kids talents as well as urging them to also strive at academic excellence.

He calls upon various stakeholders in the sporting field to support each other, noting that there is a lot that needs to be done in improving the football, from infrastructural, technical, to monetary support. 

“Sports is a lucrative industry world over, there is a great need for various stakeholders to synergise their efforts in seeing that standards have improve, it would be so nice for Kiambu County Government for instance to chip in and partner with Cycad Football Academy and perhaps come up with a tournament of some sorts,” says Owidi.

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