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6 Tips to Get Monday off to a Great Start.

It doesn't matter whether you own your business or work in a large corporation, Monday mornings --especially after a long weekend--are often a huge mental hurdle that can throw your whole week off.

Many studies have shown that most people start to feel depressed on Sunday afternoons. The pressure of another week of performance begins to hit early. That is why everyone needs something special to get out of their weekend slump and get mentally pumped up for the week ahead…

One of the best ways to set yourself up for a great Monday is to give yourself weekends that rejuvenate and restore you. With some organising and planning, you can greet Monday with open arms, and increase your productivity in the workplace.

Here are seven tips for you:

1. Use Friday afternoon to prepare for Monday.

Planning and preparing in advance of beginning your week can make a tremendous difference in your productivity. It can also reduce stress and eliminate “life friction.” A good start will save you much time and effort in your week. 

It’s amazing how much you can forget in those 60-plus hours between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Consider planning your week on Friday evening, especially when it is quiet and you have the time and space to concentrate.

You will sleep better over the weekend knowing the task is done and you can devote more time to a morning routine that eases you into the week.

2. Save energy for your weekends.

A lot of people work themselves into the ground over the week, leaving themselves nothing more 
than a two-day couch potato on the weekend. Do whatever you can to avoid this—you want to spend Saturday and Sunday with enough energy to actually do fun things and have a functioning mind that can think creatively about work and your life.

3. Plan the right mix of weekend activities and events.

As a rule, you will have the most satisfying weekend if you mix in a combination of: physical activity, family and friend time, scheduled activities and open time. You know better than anyone what works for you and your family—and how that might vary by season, weather and life circumstances.

Crafting a restorative and fun weekend takes planning.

4. Don’t waste your Sunday.

It is a common practice for so many people to spend so much time on Sunday dreading Monday. But that needn’t be so. Here are two very different ways to spend your Sunday evenings.

You need to plan some evening fun on Sunday evenings are sacred do-nothing nights; for instance by scheduling an early dinner with friends, a movie date, or an evening picnic at a park,  then you give yourself a positive focus for the day.

For managers and leaders, you can spend a few of your hours to review your plans for Monday. There’s an incredible amount of time wasted on Mondays simply catching up on where you left off the previous week. You can avoid hours of this if you prepare on Sunday evening. And you’ll wake up Monday morning feeling calm.

5. Sleep well on Sunday.

There may be no more important night to get rest than Sunday night, and no better remedy for Sunday blues than a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the best form of meditation.

Above all, make sure you pack your important items for the week ahead before you retire to bed. Always confirm appointments for the week.

6. On Monday, pace yourself.

Arrive 30 minutes earlier Monday morning, close your door and put off your office phone and use this time to check your calendar for the week.

You don’t have to move mountains or work a 12-hour day. A week is like a long-distance event. Go out too hard, you’ll be spent by Thursday. As an incentive, plan something fun on Monday—lunch out with a colleague, splurge on a favorite coffee drink, little easy things. It doesn’t take much to perk up a mood.

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