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How Thika reacted to the news of Raila’s withdrawal from October 26 polls.

Some of the small gatherings seen in Thika Town on Tuesday as residents analysed the political and legal implications of the decision by Raila Odinga's withdrawal from the October 26 polls.
NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the October 26 presidential rerun has generated mixed reactions, with some people calling for the immediate swearing in of President Uhuru Kenyatta as Head of State.

Otherwise, one could read some anxiety on the faces of majority of the residents who were unsure what would transpire after this great announcement.

People could be seen gathered in small groups as they tried to analyse the political and legal implications of this decision, notwithstanding its impact on the economy of the country.

Former Thika DP Chairman Dick Githaiga (Dimken) asserted that Raila had developed some cold feet after realising that he was facing a humiliating defeat on October 26 after majority of his supporters across the country defected to jubilee Party.

Otherwise, he suggested that Raila be sued for subjecting the country into loss of billions of shillings knowing quite well that they were not ready to go for the polls.

“Why should one subject the country to a 12 billion expense knowing very well that he is not ready to go to the polls? Raila should be sued for wasting public funds and holding the country hostage for no apparent reason other than his own selfish interests,” argued Dimken.

He appealed to the government to crash the planned NASA demonstrations as they served no purpose other than subjecting the country to further economic sabotage and destruction of property.

“These demos are just creating tension in the country and affecting businesses. We cannot allow that to happen again and we ask the government to take charge and stop them forthwith,” he said.

Businessman Kibe Wa Muigua called on IEBC to go ahead and declare President Uhuru Kenyatta winner unopposed as his only rival had already withdrawn his candidature.

Njoroge Muiruri, a bodaboda operator read some mischief on the part of Raila and NASA and warned Kenyans to be ready for Raila’s ‘hidden card’. He described the exit as a tactical retreat with a ‘Plan B hidden under his sleeves’.

“Don’t trust Raila in this! He must be hiding another card that he will unleash when none of you least expect. Jubilee (Party) should not celebrate yet but instead lay down stringent back up plans in case Raila strikes back,” said Njoroge.

Njoroge further suggested that the government cancels all the NASA leaders’ VISA so that in case they planned turmoil in the country, they should be around to burn with the rest.

Others were sarcastic to those who had contributed to the NASA Pay bill number asking them to demand a refund to their ‘fare to Canaan’.

“The big question here is, what will happen to the money contributed by the innocent poor Kenyans to raise money for Raila’s campaigns? Sasa hizi tickets za kwenda Canaan watauzia nani?” moked one fellow.

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