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HAPPY ENDING? Sexually molested 97-yr old cucu finally ‘reunited’ with family.

90 year-old granny during a previous media visit where she narrated of her 7-year ordeal with rogue youth in Witeithie Estate who have been sexually molesting her .
The 97-year old granny, who has been enduring a seven-year sexual molestation ordeal in the hands of young men who qualify to be her great grandchildren in Witeithie Estate, Juja Constituency over the weekend had an emotional reunion with her biological kin.

Her ‘return to family’ became a possibility after media highlighted her plight about two weeks ago and her story going viral picked on social media, prompting several well-wishers to initiate action in coordination with the authorities to facilitate her rescue.

Upon learning of her ordeal, Mrs. Susan Njeri Waititu, the wife to Juja MP Hon. Francis Munyua Waititu alias Wakapee stepped forward to assist ‘cucu’ to secure a home for the elderly in Nairobi.

What followed was not only the overwhelming support from public, but also an incredible story of reunion. 

Coincidentally, on the day she was to be transferred to the home, the members of her biological family emerged to claim her.

The residents were treated to a drama as the ‘rescuers’ and family traded harsh words with each side insisting to go ahead with their separate mission. The residents scoffed at relatives whom they accused of abandoning the elderly woman only for them to turn up when her plight came to the media limelight.

Led by Gladys Nyaguthie, a community health worker who has been attending to cucu for all those years, they vowed that they could not comprehend how kins would leave their own to suffer for almost a decade only for them to appear when word went round that cucu was being taken to a rescue centre.

“Where have you been all those years she has been molested and suffering alone at her age? This is unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourself to just bump in here and claim relations when we have struggled for that long to see that she is safe,” scoffed Nyaguthie.

However, after a heated debate, the residents allowed the family to take cucu on condition that they will take good care of her considering her age and health status and was still under medication.

Mrs. Wakapee vowed to follow up her progress and appealed to women leaders in Murang’a to take it upon themselves to ensure that the elderly lady was well taken care of. 

“We will allow you to take her but we will definitely keep an eye on her. I personally challenge women MPs and leaders from Murang’a County to take it upon themselves to ensure cucu is well taken care of,” said Susan.

She thanked all those who came forward to lend assistance and ensure that she was safe.
In their defense, the family members denied ever abandoning cucu but instead blamed her for adamantly refusing to leave her piece of land every time they came for her.

“We have come for her on several occasions since both her husband and son died but in each of those times she had violently refused to leave this house,” said one of her brothers.

Cucu has been nursing seven years of serious psychological torture and sexual assault before her plight came on air. The assailants have been taking advantage of her It is alleged that the boys take advantage of her inability to scream due to age and sometimes use their hands to cover her mouth.

“They usually break into ‘cucu’s house where she lives alone by drilling a hole through the mud walls and open the door,” explains Nyaguthie.

She pointed out that majority of the culprits are youth between 18-25 years of age who have been into drug abuse, with some already assimilated into criminal gangs from neighbouring Nairobi County and environs. 

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