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For the love of Uhuru; Youth deploy unique ways to reach the electorate.

Some youth from Murang'a and Kiambu Counties crisscrossing to campaign for President Uhuru Kenyatta in their own small ways.
As campaigns for presidential rerun reach their homestretch, some youth from Murang’a and Kiambu Counties have devised new and very unique ways to campaign for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This week, group of young men from Gatanga Constituency in Murang’a County caught Thika town residents by surprise when they hit the campaign trail on an African homemade go-kart drawing amused onlookers who followed them everywhere they passed.

Our team caught up with them along Kenyatta Highway near the Thika Police Station where their campaign ‘caravan’ which consisted of the kart, mounted loud speakers, a battery, amplifier and two microphones transversed around town.

There was no way their ‘convoy’ could not go unnoticed due to its uniqueness, attracting large crowds wherever they went singing own composed songs in praise and support of the president.
Unlike other politicians who have huge budgets, these youth are conducting their campaigns in a very simple but effective way.

“We are using this kart to campaign not out of choice, but because that is what we can afford. We cannot afford the big trucks or the mega sound systems but our mode of communication is as effective or even better,” said Harun Kariuki who is a teacher at Rwaitira Primary School in Gatanga.

Kariuki added that the group plans to crisscross both Murang’a County and parts of Kiambu to campaign for the president before the election period lapse.

He added that their strategy was to interact with the people directly and convince those who did not vote to do so on the 26th October so as to accord President Uhuru another term to tackle their problems saying that he was best placed as he had shown his love for people of Kenya.

His colleague Santee aka Baba Thika said that he was using his talent as a secular artist to drive the message home.

“Through the songs I have composed for the president, I am able to attract a lot of people to us and use that to drive our message home,” said Baba Thika.

He however lamented that due to his humble background, he hasn’t been able to popularise the songs or reach the president.

“I recently gave a copy of my songs to our MP Eng. Joseph Nduati Ngugi and Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and I hope the music will reach the intended audience. I would also appeal to our leaders to promote young and upcoming talent as this is the only way to empower the youth,” he commented.

Elsewhere, Zablon Omollo has been on the same mission using his bicycle to drive the Uhuru reelection message across Thika Town Constituency.

Omollo, who is a hawker has been all over the area hooting and shouting his voice hoarse trying to mobilise Thika residents to get out and vote Uhuru Kenyatta on October 26.

“Uhuru Kenyatta’ development record speaks for itself and it is for this reason I decided to do a door-to-door campaign to mobilise people to get out on the 26th to reaffirm Uhuru as president. Only pretenders will say otherwise,” said Omollo, who lost in the August polls for the Township Ward as an independent candidate.

Omollo adds that his mainly targeting the ‘diaspora’ vote within the constituency who he said were also beneficiaries of the projects initiated by the president during his first term in office.

“I am asking the diaspora voters to reconsider their view of the president. As one of their own, I can frantically tell them that the opposition is currently lacking an agenda and they can never go wrong with President Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

He challenged other politicians to reevaluate their strategies as they seemed to be using similar methods as they did in August, thus unlikely to reach those who they missed out then.

“Instead of concentrating their campaigns on highways and within the shopping centres, I urge them to get out and reach those in the interior parts of the constituency who otherwise always get ignored by these caravans,” he said. 

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