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Bishop, MP ask government to mercilessly crash any insurgence but…….

ACK Thika Diocesan Bishop Julius Wanyoike and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina talk to the press at Ngoingwa Estate after the consecration of the new St Stephen’s Church on Sunday.
The government must ruthlessly suppress any form of insurgence in the country and ensure the current political stalemate is resolved only within the precincts of the law.

This was the message by ACK Thika Diocesan Bishop Julius Wanyoike and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina at Ngoingwa Estate after the consecration of the new St Stephen’s Church on Sunday.

While addressing the press after the sermon, Bishop Wanyoike noted that it was very wrong for NASA principals to fuel an already combustible situation through calls for anarchy and civil disobedience. The religious leader feared that political unrest could erupt in the country, particularly in the Nyanza region which is predominantly a fanatical NASA stronghold, should their leaders continue to carelessly utter statements of disobedience of the law.

“We must stem any form of recklessness. We cannot allow lawlessness in this country. NASA must respect the institutions we have established as a country otherwise the government must suppress any form of insurgency that may lead this country to chaos,” said Bishop Wanyoike.

He noted that Raila Odinga or anyone else had no jurisdictional powers to call for parallel elections from that organised by the IEBC nor declare themselves president of this country. He termed such attempts treasonable and a recipe for anarchy.

However, he also cautioned the ruling Jubilee Party against overlooking the opposition  due to their numerical advantage saying that they ought to instead reach out to them to build a cohesive nation.

“It’s good you (Jubilee) have the numbers but you should also count those in Nyanza as Kenyans too. President Uhuru, as you assume office, you should seek ways and means to integrate them so as to make them feel part and parcel of the government,” he said.

The Thika MP on his part dismissed Raila’s threats for a resistant movement as a ‘hot air balloon’ meant to just create tension in the country for no apparent reason. He advised Kenyans to differentiate individual interests from communal interests, pointing out that Raila Odinga was misusing his ethnic community by tagging them into his personal ambitions.

“Kenyans should not get so bothered about Raila’s tantrums. He is just one desperate person who will say anything now. This NRM talk is merely some hot air balloon. Nothing much,” said Wainaina.  

Wainaina nonetheless reminded NASA brigade that there was no lacuna in the leadership of this country and any form of civil disobedience will be met with the full force of law.

He added that Raila had no moral authority to disregard the constitution as he actually midwifed and spearheaded its implementation in 2010. He also noted that the NASA leader’s words and deed ran parallel as he had failed to practice what he himself advocated for.

“Kenyans should always see him (Raila) practice the democracy he preaches about every day. What type of democracy is he talking about if he himself incited some youth within his strongholds to restrain others from voting on October 26? Raila should allow those who wish to cast their ballot to do so for each citizen has the right to choose their destiny without being coerced by anyone or any quarters,” said Wainaina.

He asked IEBC to conduct today’s (Monday) polls in the Nyanza constituencies so that Kenyans can end this elections business once and for all.

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