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90 year-old granny 7 years’ rape ordeal by several men.

90 year-old granny is appealing for help to nab a group of youth who have been sexually molesting her over the last seven years.
In another case of men turning into beasts, a granny from Witeithie Estate in Juja Constituency is nursing serious psychological torture of sexual assault and being raped by several unknown men in different incidents over the last seven years.

The granny has now come out in the open to speak out on the sexual abuse she has been enduring in the hands of young men who qualify to be her great grandchildren.

The 97 year-old woman decided to open up following a series of attacks on her almost on a daily basis now, considering her frayed health and poor mobility due to age.

In a faint sound, ‘cucu’ narrated how the young men have been abusing her for the last seven years, with one of them recently arrested after he was nabbed by neighbours attempting to rape her during the day.

“He lifted me from where I was basking in the sun and took me to the house. He raped me several times before I was rescued by neighbours,” she painfully narrated.

According to one member of the area Community Health Workers (CHW) Mrs. Gladys Nyaguthie Gitungo, the incident happened last month. The suspect, who is now in police custody, was in the company of three other who managed to escape when the neighbours noticed them and came to the rescue of the old nanny.

Nyaguthie says that ‘cucu’ has endured this pain for long as these people seem to attack her almost on a daily basis.

“It has been going on for quite a long time. The cases I personally know of 7 seven cases,” said Nyaguthie, who has known ‘cucu’ for more than 30 years.

She explains that cucu’s ordeals began with her own nephew who had been accommodated in the same compound. She claims that he started attacking her sexually until it came out in the open.
Irate members of public attempted to lynch him but was saved by the authorities who ordered his house demolished and told him to live elsewhere.

“I don’t know where he lives now but he is still a resident of Witeithie even as we speak,” she said.
It is alleged that the boys take advantage of ‘cucu’s inability to scream due to age and sometimes use their hands to cover her mouth.

“They usually break into ‘cucu’s house where she lives alone by drilling a hole through the mud walls and open the door,” explains Nyaguthie.

‘Cucu’ is currently under medication after she was recently diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhea an issue that is disturbing this health worker.

“It has been very hard for us as she has to be attended to by a doctor twice a week which is expensive and we fear that these boys might end up harming her or killing her,” she said.

The neighbour know no one who is related to her as she has been living alone in that compound for more than 40 years following the death of her only son and her mother.

“The only contact we managed to get from her came here and disowned her, saying that they will only come for her in a coffin,” said Nyaguthie.

Cucu can barely remember her relatives other than by a single names. She says that her rural home is in Ndakaini village, Gatanga Constituency in a place called ‘Kwa Njiri wa Karanja’. Unfortunately, she vows that will never go there due to personal differences with her maternal relatives.

Nyaguthie is therefore appealing to the authorities to salvage the situation by transferring her to a home for the elderly before it is too late.

She abhors escalating state of insecurity in the area which she blamed on drug and substance abuse among the youth and understaffing of the police in Witeithie Police Post.

“The rate of insecurity has skyrocketed with so many muggings and robbery cases being reported. The worst hit are M-PESA traders who having falling victim to weekly armed robberies,” said Nyaguthie who doubles up as a village elder.

She pointed out that majority of the culprits are youth between 18-25 years of age who have been assimilated into criminal gangs from neighbouring Nairobi County and environs. 

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