October 2017

ACK Thika Diocesan Bishop Julius Wanyoike and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina talk to the press at Ngoingwa Estate after the consecration of the new St Stephen’s Church on Sunday.
The government must ruthlessly suppress any form of insurgence in the country and ensure the current political stalemate is resolved only within the precincts of the law.

This was the message by ACK Thika Diocesan Bishop Julius Wanyoike and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina at Ngoingwa Estate after the consecration of the new St Stephen’s Church on Sunday.

While addressing the press after the sermon, Bishop Wanyoike noted that it was very wrong for NASA principals to fuel an already combustible situation through calls for anarchy and civil disobedience. The religious leader feared that political unrest could erupt in the country, particularly in the Nyanza region which is predominantly a fanatical NASA stronghold, should their leaders continue to carelessly utter statements of disobedience of the law.

“We must stem any form of recklessness. We cannot allow lawlessness in this country. NASA must respect the institutions we have established as a country otherwise the government must suppress any form of insurgency that may lead this country to chaos,” said Bishop Wanyoike.

He noted that Raila Odinga or anyone else had no jurisdictional powers to call for parallel elections from that organised by the IEBC nor declare themselves president of this country. He termed such attempts treasonable and a recipe for anarchy.

However, he also cautioned the ruling Jubilee Party against overlooking the opposition  due to their numerical advantage saying that they ought to instead reach out to them to build a cohesive nation.

“It’s good you (Jubilee) have the numbers but you should also count those in Nyanza as Kenyans too. President Uhuru, as you assume office, you should seek ways and means to integrate them so as to make them feel part and parcel of the government,” he said.

The Thika MP on his part dismissed Raila’s threats for a resistant movement as a ‘hot air balloon’ meant to just create tension in the country for no apparent reason. He advised Kenyans to differentiate individual interests from communal interests, pointing out that Raila Odinga was misusing his ethnic community by tagging them into his personal ambitions.

“Kenyans should not get so bothered about Raila’s tantrums. He is just one desperate person who will say anything now. This NRM talk is merely some hot air balloon. Nothing much,” said Wainaina.  

Wainaina nonetheless reminded NASA brigade that there was no lacuna in the leadership of this country and any form of civil disobedience will be met with the full force of law.

He added that Raila had no moral authority to disregard the constitution as he actually midwifed and spearheaded its implementation in 2010. He also noted that the NASA leader’s words and deed ran parallel as he had failed to practice what he himself advocated for.

“Kenyans should always see him (Raila) practice the democracy he preaches about every day. What type of democracy is he talking about if he himself incited some youth within his strongholds to restrain others from voting on October 26? Raila should allow those who wish to cast their ballot to do so for each citizen has the right to choose their destiny without being coerced by anyone or any quarters,” said Wainaina.

He asked IEBC to conduct today’s (Monday) polls in the Nyanza constituencies so that Kenyans can end this elections business once and for all.

Heavily armed police take cover as they engaged in a five-hour battle with hardcore criminals at Kenol trading centre in Murang'a County.
Business in the busy Kenol trading centre, Murang’a County was brought to a halt as three gangsters involved in the murder of two police officers in Kayole on Saturday night were shot dead in a rental apartment after a five-hour shootout.

The officers recovered two firearms belonging to the Kenya Police Service – a Ceska pistol and an AK-47 rifle – and seven rounds of ammunition.

The pistol is believed to have been one of two that were stolen from two police officers who were shot dead in Nairobi’s Kayole estate after identification documents from one of the slain officers were found with the suspects.

Also found in their possession was a letter of appointment of one of the slain officers. The AK-47 is believed to have been used in a shooting in Kibichoi, Kiambu County on August 18 where two police officers were killed.

Heavy gunfire could be heard metres away from the building in which the suspected criminals were holed up.

According to the Kenya Realtime Alerts, Officers trailed the gang to the rental building on Saturday morning after a robbery in the capital Nairobi. When the gang realised the officers had entered the building at around 9am, they opened fire.

Some of the tenants scampered for safety as police evacuated others as they prepared to take on the shooters.
Some of the documents and ammunition found in possession of the slain gangsters. 

Some of the tenants scampered for safety as police evacuated others as they prepared to take on the shooters.

As the shootout ensued for hours, the officers requested for reinforcement and by midday, the Flying Squad based in Murang’a were deployed to the area but could also not access the building as the criminals held a family hostage in one of the rooms.

It was not until five hours later that officers from the highly trained General Service Unit’s Recce Squad from Ruaraka in Nairobi were dispatched to end the siege that had proved difficult for more than 70 officers who had surrounded the building.

“It took us a very long time since they had held a young family of a father, mother and their young child hostage and were using it as a human shield, making it difficult for us to shoot them dead,” said Murang’a County Commander Naomi Ichami.

Barely 30 minutes after the Recce Squad officers arrived, the siege came to a halt with the three men being shot dead.

The shaken family, a man his wife and a toddler, who had been held hostage, were rescued from the robbers.

The County Commander said the family would be taken through counselling as they might have suffered shock from the incident.

“The family is safe but they will be taken through counselling. They are quite shaken,” she said.
Initial findings suggested that the gang had been using the building as its hideout and armoury, taking advantage of the elevated floor to spot any officers approaching.

Police are pursuing other suspects linked to the three. The suspects, aged between 18 and 25 years, are also linked to a series of armed robberies in Kiambu County.

Two police officers were on Saturday morning found dead in Kayole having been shot dead by unknown people. The two who were attached to Kayole Police Station were found by their colleagues lying in a pool of blood by the roadside at 4am within Matopeni area near Kayole North Primary School.

The dead were identified as Police Constables Linus Inima and James Gitahi.

Eleven spent 7.62mm cartridges were found at the scene, suggesting the killers used a rifle, possibly an AK-47 rifle.

The attackers, while riding on motorcycle, are said to have ambushed the officers who were patrolling on foot.

Following the incident, ‘Hessy Wa Dandora’, who are believed to be a group of underground crime busters, shared gruesome images of the dead bodies on the Kayole Crime Free Facebook page for all to see.
A photo file of two of the gangsters who were gunned down in Kenol trading centre on Saturday.

“Hayawi hayawi huwa, mali ya serikali huezi enda nayo far. Cheki sasa #Kimondo,#Kinyanjui aka Kush and your new recruit Rot in Hell!!! #Teddy mahali uko ona sasa mbogi yako. Frm kayole(matopeni) to #kenol #CrimeDoesNotPay!” read the caption.

“Until today morning Kimondo, Kinyanjui and Teddy were breathing, but Hessy wa Kayole never took chances after it was rumoured the three criminals were on rampage. Over 100 bullets were enough to take them to hell…they have now met Judas and the serpent in hell.” ended the quote. 

Provisional results from the October 26 presidential re-election indicate that Uhuru Kenyatta has garnered 916,463 votes in his home county of Kiambu.

According to the data available, Ruiru Constituency emerged the “Uhuruiest” constituency in the county after President Uhuru Kenyatta ranked up his largest vote totals with 107,670 votes.  Thika Town Constituency with 147,323 registered voters ranked second after the president garnered 99,517 votes.

Ruiru has 159,391 registered voters.

Apparently, Gatundu North Constituency ranked highest in terms of the voter percentage turnout with 87% followed by Gatundu South, Lari and Githunguri Constituencies all with an 86% voter turnout.

In general, Kiambu County managed a 79% voter turnout with Ruiru and Thika Constituencies recording the lowest (69%) due to their cosmopolitan nature.

Majority of the diaspora voters in these regions heeded their leader Raila Odinga’s election boycott appeal and stayed at home while their Jubilee counterparts went out to cast their vote.

NASA leader Raila Odinga garnered 4,624 votes in Kiambu County with Gatundu North registering his worst performance with a paltry 41 votes.

On average, President Uhuru Kenyatta received a whopping 99% of the votes cast in all the constituencies.

The following table shows how Kiambu electorate voted on October 26th

Elizabeth Wambui gesture to carry her husband on her back to the polling station has left many Kenyans fascinated and humbled for her humility.

This is unlike majority of the ‘modern’ woman who is said to be very ‘independent’ and liberal to humble themselves to that level.

Some of those who commented about her photo on social media hoped their wives saw it and learnt one or two things about ‘how to be a wife’.

“An ideal wife is known during tough times when she sticks by her husband through the storms. This woman is one in a million,” commented one guy. 

Elizabeth carried her disabled husband, Peter Kinoru Mwicigi, on her back to go and vote at Heshima Primary School.

When asked why she had to go to that level she said that she had to do so as to fulfil her husband’s desire to cast his vote despite his disability.

“It’s my duty as a wife to be there for him (husband) at all times especially now that his limbs have been paralysed. I am happy that I have played my part to ensure that he participated in the polls,” explained Elizabeth.

She reckoned that as a common mwananchi, they had suffered due to the prolonged electioneering period and it was high time Kenyans settled this once and for all through the ballot.

Mwicigi supported her sentiments by adding that he was very happy that he voted, something that would not have been possible had it not been for his wife. He wished that after this, President Uhuru would emerge victorious and use his remaining term to unite all the people of Kenya.

“Everyone is suffering. We have suffered huge losses due to the political temperatures. We hope that our vote will bring back the country to normalcy.”

Mwicigi’s predicaments started in 1999 when he developed some swelling on his leg and consequently   underwent some surgery at the Thika Level 5 Hospital. However, his health did not improve but instead paralysed from his waist downwards, making it impossible for him to walk on his own.

Ever since, his mobility has been dependent of his wife who he says has been very helpful and patient with him.

The couple lives near the BAT Company in Hospital Ward.

A section of Thika voters at the stadium polling centre lining up to vote on October 26 2017.
Thika Town Constituency has registered a marginal improvement in the number of votes cast in October for President Uhuru Kenyatta as compared to his tally on the August 8 2017 despite a number of challenges.

In the final tally as announced by the Returning Officer Geoffrey Gitobu at the constituency tallying centre, President Uhuru garnered 99,517 votes out of the total of 102,989 votes cast, equivalent to 98%. His closest challenger NASA’s Raila Odinga garnered 1,243.

In the August polls, President Uhuru got 96,856 votes (83.67%) with Raila garnering 18 525 votes (16%). This shows that the president gained 2,661 votes more or 2.5% improvement.

The voter turnout in the just concluded election translated to about 70%.  

All the improvement was despite various challenges that kept quite a number of the constituents away from their polling stations.

Heavy rains especially in the morning hours kept very many people indoors, some of whom decided not to get out and vote. There was also a marginal number who were turned away after their names went missing in the IEBC register despite having voted in August.

Diaspora voters.

Thika being a cosmopolitan constituency, the diaspora vote cannot be ignored. It is estimated that this vote base constitute between 20% and 30% of the registered voters.

A survey of most polling stations predominant of diaspora voters indicated that majority of these voters heeded to their leader’s call for election boycott. However, there was quite a good number of these voters who thought otherwise but were threatened by their peers of dire consequences in case they went out to vote.

Our intel revealed that there was a strong warning against anyone who defied these order with some spies sent around the polling centres to check on anyone who dared enter the centres. It was also revealed that their movements were closely monitored to ensure that no one’s whereabouts was unexplained notwithstanding the physical checkup on people’s fingers for any trait of the IEBC mark to indicate that one had voted.

Thika MP’s efforts.

All in all, the great performance can be attributed to a multi-agency approach to mobilise for a big voter turnout. Other than the local vernacular stations that kept on reminding the people to get out and vote on Thursday, so many other individuals kept igniting this fire through the now popular slogan “Kumira Kumira ta Thuraku!”

Area MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina had established a call centre first to identify all those who failed to vote on August 8 and convince them otherwise come October 26. He also provided various means of transport to the elderly, the sick and all those who had been transferred from other counties to enable them come and vote.

These efforts helped to bridge the gap left by the diaspora voters who opted out of the polling centres. 

Eng. Patrick Wainaina at Thika main bus station seen here wooing people to go out and vote. He said that he was targeting a 95% voter turnout in his constituency.
Thika MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle spent the entire Thursday afternoon wooing voters to go and vote in a bid to realise a 90% voter turnout in the constituency.

Wainaina crisscrossed the constituency, racing to sway undecided voters and to mobilise Jubilee supporters to vote before the close of the polling stations.

With a few hours left before the closure of the polling station, the legislator visited the populous Thika main bus station, the CBD and at the Whiteline stage, pleading with all the potential voters to exercise their constitutional right to choose their destiny.

At one instance, the MP caused some drama when he reprimanded some matatu crew who had taken advantage of the boom in passengers to hike fares, forcing them to refund the extra amount overcharged. He also paid fares for anyone who was found going upcountry to vote.

“Overcharging these people is very wrong and unpatriotic. They are sacrificing their time and money to go and exercise their democratic right to choose their destiny then some selfish matatu crew being driven by greed is trying to extort from them. Very shameful,” said Wainaina.

He admitted that Kenyans were already tired of the continuous politicking at the expense of development thus the need to settle this matter once and for all. He lamented that the long electioneering period had affected his programme for the constituency which he said was three months behind schedule.

“It is now a year since we started these campaigns, totally interfering with the citizen’s day to day activities. The people are now exhausted and really want an end to this,” he said.

Earlier Wainaina cast his vote at Heshima Primary School polling Center where he attributed the slow pace in the morning hours to the morning rains. However he said that he was happy that things were brightening up as the day progressed.

Throughout the day, his campaign team went round, both within and without the constituency, providing transport to all those who had challenges in accessing the polling stations they were registered.

Using a call centre to coordinate these activities, the MP was able to receive all general concerns of his constituents real-time and send the appropriate remedy promptly.

“We have established a call centre where all challenges faced while voting are channeled through for action. In case one is stuck, they can just call our elections hotline via 0720888453 for immediate action,” explained the MP.

Wainaina clarified that they had three modes of transport namely, bodabodas, small vans and buses to cater for all the transport needs of the voters depending on their individual or collective needs.

By one o’clock, the voter turnout was about 60% in majority of the polling stations, a situation that the MP attributed to the morning drizzles that had dampened the day. However, Wainaina was happy that the situation was gradually improving as the day progressed with many people seen lining up to votes.

Majority of Thika residents have welcomed the Supreme Court's decision to postpone its decision to stop tomorrow’s presidential repeats due to a quorum hitch.

Tension was high in the morning before the three cases whose outcome could have stopped the vote tomorrow were pending decisions in three different courts, including the highest court in the land. This tension had been precipitated by memories of the September 1 SCOK ruling that nullified the presidential results then.

As the uncertainty continued to loom over the October 26 poll, People could be seen analysing various possibilities for the outcomes. But one thing was certain, none was confident to say that Chief Justice David Maraga would throw away the cases.

Things became ‘elephant’ after Justice George Odunga ruled that appointment of Returning Officers and their deputies was illegal, dealing a ‘major blow’ to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). This was interpreted to mean that there would be no elections tomorrow.

“These courts have been bribed to always rule in favour of NASA. And by the way, what else do you expect from Justice Odunga?” asked Shadrack Murage, a food vendor.

The Supreme Court on the other hand, was expected to deliver a verdict on the latest petition lodged on Tuesday by three voters which to give clarity to the fate of October 26 repeat poll date. This was the real bombshell that the residents dreaded most.

However, people celebrated the decision by Justice Maraga to defer his case due to lack of quorum with some saying that express his excitement, claiming that the evil schemes to deny Kenyans the right to vote had failed and that the country will decide and move forward.

“We welcome the decision by the court. The demands made by the NASA leaders are unreasonable. These court battles have adversely affected every aspect of life in Kenya,” said Njoki Mwangi, a resident of Section 2 Estate.

Majority of those we spoke to believed that the judiciary as well as the fundamental rights of citizens have been grossly been abused to a point that Kenyans may soon start disregarding the courts at will.

“These courts have become too much! The decisions from our courts have ended up being a mockery to natural justice,” said an angry Njoki.

Nonetheless, the latest developments have ignited the sparks and the urge to vote in tomorrow’s poll. Those we spoke to vowed to report early tomorrow so as to ‘solve this puzzle’ once and for all.

Meanwhile, Thika Town MP has made arrangements to have those unable to reach the polling stations, get transported so as to ensure that all potential voters cast their votes. He has set up call centre that will cater all cases in the ward level.

Jubilee Party leaders from Muranga, Kiambu and Mombasa Counties during a visit to Kenneth Matiba at his Diani Home.
Kenneth Njindo Matiba, Kenya’s second liberation hero has called for peace as Kenyans exercise their democratic right to choose their leaders in the 26th October presidential repeat poll.

Speaking on his behalf at the Diani Beach home in Kwale County, his wife Edith Matiba asked Kenyans to pray for peace and wished this electioneering period comes to an end.

“All we want is Peace, Peace and more Peace. I ask every Kenyan to go out and vote peacefully on the 26th (of October 2017) and maintain that peace even after the polls,” said Edith.

Edith acknowledged the efforts made by President Uhuru Kenyatta in bringing this country together as he endeavoured to reach out to all the tribes of Kenya in an effort to have a unified and peaceful nation. She added that the Head of State had distributed resources and wealth to all parts of the country regardless of their political or religious affiliations.

“I would like to point out that these endless politicking is really hurting us as Kenyans. We have seen Uhuru’s exemplary development record across the country and had it not for negative politicking, he would have performed even better. So, let’s us all pray that all this comes to an end and everyone gets back to work,” she said.

She thanked the leaders from Mt. Kenya region for spreading the good news about the president to different parts of the country and wished them all the best in their mission to ‘sell’ President Uhuru to the people of Kwale County.

While speaking at the same occasion, Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria asked Kenyans to practice political tolerance during and after the October poll.

“Matiba told us to always let the people to decide on their own destiny. Let no one infringe on another person’s right to vote and choose the leaders they want,” said Wa Iria.

He reckoned that it was wrong and illegal for the opposition to use threats so as to scare away people who wished to participate in the upcoming polls for their own selfish agenda. He appealed to all Kenyans to stick to where they had registered and exercise their right to vote for the government they wanted.

Thika MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina said that it was very wrong for anyone to attempt to ascend to power by abusing the very freedoms that heroes like Kenneth Matiba sacrificed for, telling NASA leaders their approach to issues was misplaced and really jeopardising national cohesion and development. He requested them to practice constitutionalism and abide by its norms instead of polarising the country for political gain.

“There is always a time for everything. We have politicked for more than one year now and NASA seems not ready to let Kenya be. It is time Kenyans said enough is enough and put to an end endless politics by deciding on their destiny on October 26,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina asked all Kenyans to preach peace wherever they were and suggested that the proposed political dialogue to hold on until after the polls.

He acknowledged Kenneth Matiba as an inspiration to his dream to serve the people diligently.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar thanked the leaders from the Mt. Kenya region for putting the interest of all Kenyans ahead of themselves by preaching peace and unity among the coastal people.

“I wish this gesture can be embraced by all and replicated across the country. Kenya needs to preach peace and unity regardless of our ethnic differences and backgrounds,” he said.

He also acknowledged Matiba’s struggle to fight for the freedoms Kenyans currently enjoyed and asked them never to take certain privileges for granted.

Other who spoke included former Ngewa Ward MCA Karungo Wa Thang’wa.

In 1990, almost 30 years after Kenya’s independence, it had become clear that the ideals that drove our quest for independence were not only unmet, they had also been brutally betrayed and Kenya was marching backwards. Assassinations and disappearances were becoming normal. There was an assault on freedom of thought, information and association.

Hundreds of Kenyans were being arrested or sacked because they expressed or were suspected to hold opinions that were at variance with those of the government. To simply put this into perspective, justice was being denied to Kenyans who were being hauled to jail on trumped up charges.

This is the system that Kenyans in their anger and valour woke up on this day in 1990 and decided to face head-on. It began with Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia announcing that Kenya was ripe for multiparty politics.

Matiba and Rubia never got to see the day. A few days later, police officers were deployed to arrest and detain both Matiba and Rubia. Then the crackdown began.

Matiba was held without trial at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison in 1990 with Charles Rubia, a member of the Kenyan Cabinet who also called for multiparty democracy.  

While in prison Matiba was refused medication and suffered a stroke, which affected half his body and incapacitated him for some time. Later, a multiparty system was instituted and Matiba was released.

Since then, Matiba has been dogged by ill-health stemming from his 1990 imprisonment. His business holdings have also suffered.


Murang'a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle on Saturday took the Uhuruto campaign blitz to Mombasa County as the Jubilee brigade seek to consolidate President Uhuru Kenyatta support base ahead of the October 26 poll.

Franked by their host Former Mombasa senator Omar Hassan, the leaders crisscrossed the entire county with several stopovers to drum support for the president and mobilise voters from the coastal region towns to wake up and vote on the 26th of October. The leaders pleaded with residents to ignore calls from Opposition leaders to boycott the elections saying that this was Raila Odinga's ploy as he knew that he would loss to Uhuru Kenyatta with a very big margin.

The leader reiterated Jubilee's message and vision of unity and transformation agenda that will guarantee a free, equitable, stable, inclusive and prosperous Kenya.

Speaking at Kongowea Market in Nyali Constituency, Eng. Wainaina urged the residents to shun politics of division and embrace leaders who championed development programmes that were geared towards empowering the common wananchi.
He criticised NASA the leader for scheming to ascend to power through unconstitutional means by attempting to sabotage the October elections through mass action and chaos.
"There is no other way to ascend to power in Kenya other than through the ballot and we the Kenyan people will decide who becomes our president on October 26 with our vote. I plead with you Mombasa people to make a decision and stick with the winning side," said Wainaina.
He cautioned the residents to be wary of leaders who were out to divide them on tribal lines saying that this time round, Raila Odinga was dividing Kenyans using the election boycott card.
Gov. Wa Iria reminded the coastal people that they, together with their brothers and sisters from other regions, were intertwined by fate and depended on each other to survive.
"Ningetaka kuwakumbusha ya kwamba hakuna Pwani bila Bara na hakuwezi kuwa na bara bila Pwani. Pia hakuna Kenya bila Pwani wala Bara. Sote tu wamoja na twafaa kutembea barabara moja ya Jubilee,"said Wa Iria.
He castigated the opposition for jeopardising the economy of the country through chaos and unwarranted demonstrations.
Senator Omar acknowledged that the jubilee government had initiated many developments in the last five years and should be voted back into office. 
He dismissed some opposition leaders whom he said had served in previous governments that had failed the people of the coast region. He admitted that the coast region had benefited from infrastructural development and they should support President Kenyatta in his reelection bid.
He warned anyone who will attempt to disrupt the polls that they will be faced with the full force of law and promised enough security for  those who will turn out to vote.

"We respect you Raila but let the people of this country vote in peace. Kura ni lazima na serikali haitamruhusu yeyote kulihujumu zoezi hili la uchaguzi," warned Omar.

About six people have their gods to thank when a commercial bus veered off the road and ploughed into a garage near Nanasi Hotel in Thika Town on Mashujaa Day.

According to eyewitness account, the bus belonging to Joy Kenya Ltd. was coming downhill from the main bus station when it suddenly lost control probably because of brake failure and failed to negotiate the sharp corner, smashed into a mabati fence surrounding a building under construction before it rammed onto the garage concrete wall and onto a few structures. 

Thankfully, no life was lost nor anyone hurt in the horrific incident that occurred in the morning hours. However, three vehicles and other property were destroyed in the accident.

One of the lucky survivors, a mechanic, had just got off from under the Toyota Hiace matatu he was repairing to pick a tool when all over sudden the bus smashed the wall, sending the debris over the three vehicles that included the 14-seater matatu.

The visibly shaken young man could not talk to the press but instead just thanked God for the narrow escape.

His colleague was in one of the shops that were destroyed. He says that he heard screams from the adjacent building and mechanics who were just seated along the road and he managed to dash out in the nick of time.

He admitted that the garage wall and some construction material placed next to the wall from the neighbouring building saved them as it them that suspended the bus, stalling further movement and imminent danger.

All in all, majority of those we talked to admitted that the bus driver courageously controlled the bus for more than 300metres on a steep slope, avoiding to hit a tree, several structures and the 6-story building under construction before ending up at the garage wall.
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“Were it not for him, we would be narrating a different story by now. He has done all he could to control that bus otherwise we would be talking about several deaths by now,” said Njuguna Mwaniki, a mechanic at the site.

He reckoned that the area is a black spot and has been experiencing so many cases of vehicles ramming into buildings or other vehicles.

“We are lucky there were no vehicles coming from the opposite direction especially at that sharp bend,” he said.

He also admitted that majority of mechanics plying their trade in the area risked their lives as most of them repaired vehicles along the edges of the road.

“Surely, it’s only God who is protecting these people because if this accident happened when the garage was busy, we would be talking of more than ten people dead by now,” he noted.

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