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Wairia, Wainaina take Uhuru campaign blitz to Mombasa

Murang'a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle on Saturday took the Uhuruto campaign blitz to Mombasa County as the Jubilee brigade seek to consolidate President Uhuru Kenyatta support base ahead of the October 26 poll.

Franked by their host Former Mombasa senator Omar Hassan, the leaders crisscrossed the entire county with several stopovers to drum support for the president and mobilise voters from the coastal region towns to wake up and vote on the 26th of October. The leaders pleaded with residents to ignore calls from Opposition leaders to boycott the elections saying that this was Raila Odinga's ploy as he knew that he would loss to Uhuru Kenyatta with a very big margin.

The leader reiterated Jubilee's message and vision of unity and transformation agenda that will guarantee a free, equitable, stable, inclusive and prosperous Kenya.

Speaking at Kongowea Market in Nyali Constituency, Eng. Wainaina urged the residents to shun politics of division and embrace leaders who championed development programmes that were geared towards empowering the common wananchi.
He criticised NASA the leader for scheming to ascend to power through unconstitutional means by attempting to sabotage the October elections through mass action and chaos.
"There is no other way to ascend to power in Kenya other than through the ballot and we the Kenyan people will decide who becomes our president on October 26 with our vote. I plead with you Mombasa people to make a decision and stick with the winning side," said Wainaina.
He cautioned the residents to be wary of leaders who were out to divide them on tribal lines saying that this time round, Raila Odinga was dividing Kenyans using the election boycott card.
Gov. Wa Iria reminded the coastal people that they, together with their brothers and sisters from other regions, were intertwined by fate and depended on each other to survive.
"Ningetaka kuwakumbusha ya kwamba hakuna Pwani bila Bara na hakuwezi kuwa na bara bila Pwani. Pia hakuna Kenya bila Pwani wala Bara. Sote tu wamoja na twafaa kutembea barabara moja ya Jubilee,"said Wa Iria.
He castigated the opposition for jeopardising the economy of the country through chaos and unwarranted demonstrations.
Senator Omar acknowledged that the jubilee government had initiated many developments in the last five years and should be voted back into office. 
He dismissed some opposition leaders whom he said had served in previous governments that had failed the people of the coast region. He admitted that the coast region had benefited from infrastructural development and they should support President Kenyatta in his reelection bid.
He warned anyone who will attempt to disrupt the polls that they will be faced with the full force of law and promised enough security for  those who will turn out to vote.

"We respect you Raila but let the people of this country vote in peace. Kura ni lazima na serikali haitamruhusu yeyote kulihujumu zoezi hili la uchaguzi," warned Omar.

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